J&J Reviews: Gatorade Fast Twitch


Julia Shearer

All new Gatorade Fast Twitch energy drink flavors at local Weis Market!

Gatorade is arguably one of the most popular sports drinks in the country. Whether it’s during a workout or during a sports game, Gatorade is known to be the best drink to help keep athletes fueled and hydrated. While the electrolytes and carbohydrates in the drink are very beneficial, Gatorade decided it was time to release a more electric drink. In January 2023, a new Gatorade energy drink that is filled with 200 mg of caffeine hit the shelves. With a variety of flavors, Fast Twitch was a new drink we couldn’t wait to get our hands on.

#1 Tropical mango– Out of all the flavors this one was the most on-point for the basic mango flavor but did not reflect the taste of the original drink flavor. This tasted the same as most other mango-flavored drinks like Monster, Body Armor, etc. The flavor was not too bold as it was the most watered-down of the drinks but still pretty sweet. Overall, this flavor was good but once again did not go with its original drink.

#2 Glacier Freeze– Similar to the original Gatorade formula, the Fast Twitch version also has no distinct smell unless you really make an effort. Taste-wise, this was the only Twitch we tried that tasted almost exactly like its Gatorade counterpart. The flavor of this drink was spot on, and the only difference was that the taste was more intense, probably due to more syrup working along with the caffeine. 

#3 Cool Blue– Contrasting with the other blue drink, this Twitch had a very intense smell that was extremely sweet and artificial, but accurately resembled the typical “blue” smell. This was misleading, as the actual flavor of the drink was surprisingly tame. This drink was definitely not as sweet as the other ones, and the flavor was pretty accurate to the original Gatorade “cool blue.”

#4 Strawberry WatermelonThis was one of the more exciting drinks to look at because of all the flavor and sweetness going on. This smelled and tasted exactly like a strawberry ring pop or watermelon sour patch gum, which appealed greatly to us. The taste was extremely pleasing, as neither flavor overpowered the other. There was a perfect mix where you could still distinguish both flavors, but they combined together perfectly. If we really tried hard enough, we could determine that the initial taste was more strawberry flavored, and the aftertaste was more watermelon, but overall this was a satisfying drink.

After tasting each flavor multiple times, we concluded that we will not be purchasing these drinks again. While the actual flavors of the drinks weren’t terrible as they mirrored the original drink flavors, they all consisted of a syrupy consistency that made it hard to drink too much at a time. Most of them had a very artificial after-taste and honestly just wasn’t worth the money.