CAVA review: bringing Mediterranean to Airport Square



New fast-casual restaurant in town!

Shake Shack isn’t the only new spot coming to Airport Square- CAVA is too! CAVA, a Mediterranean fast food place,  just opened a few days ago in the square. I’m a big fan of Mediterranean food, so when I first heard the news, I knew I had to go try it.

I decided to go with a build-your-own grains bowl, and I ordered it through their website for pickup. I included white rice, tzatziki, red pepper hummus, spicy lamb meatballs, shredded lettuce, crumbled feta, pita crisps, garlic dressing, skhug, and a free side of pita in my bowl. A lot of the vegetable options were marked as unavailable at the time of my order, so I was unable to get as many veggies as I would have liked to. 

My bowl was flavorful, with all the different dressings and hummuses blending together. One component that especially stood out to me were the spicy lamb meatballs, which were cooked to perfection and tasted very good. However, I noticed they forgot to add the lettuce, crumbled feta, and free side of pita to my order, which was disappointing. This may have been due to the online ordering system, but it definitely affected the way my bowl tasted. Because of the forgotten ingredients, my bowl tasted a bit bland at times. 

All in all, I would recommend trying CAVA, but would not recommend placing an online order to do so. I’d definitely suggest going in person to place an order, as the in-store ordering process seems way more reliable, and structured the same way as Chipotle. Nonetheless, I’m happy to see a new Mediterranean place in Montgomeryville!