Behind the Scenes: NPTV, Theater Star Audrey Keller


Keller on the set on NPTV, where she finds herself both on- and off-screen.

Whether her role is speaking on NPTV or taking center stage in theater, Audrey Keller is a recognized face and household name at North Penn. NPTV is North Penn’s own in-house news station, broadcast during Knight Time – and more often than not, Keller is found on the screen. 


During her sophomore year, she enrolled in the Broadcasting Video Production course with Mr. Berger, who also happens to work closely with NPTV. Keller decided to take the second part of the class junior year, where she received advice from Mr. Berger about potentially joining the school’s news station. 


While she auditioned junior year, she did not earn the part of the lead anchor, instead getting involved with a section called The Low Down. There, she discovered her love for broadcasting, and decided to join NPTV through a gifted mentorship program. 


A popular misconception is that NPTV is planned by teachers. Keller helps to break this misconception and goes deeper into how NPTV works behind the scenes. 


“We will have some direction on what to cover, but otherwise all of the ideas are our own. All of the segments that we created were all of our ideas; all of the work you see was made by the students,” Keller said. 


Aside from informing and connecting students at North Penn, NPTV also covers other popular events that take place at North Penn, such as school board meetings and homecoming. 


Keller is grateful for the experience she gained through NPTV, as she will be able to use this experience towards her film production major. Her passion for creating videos encouraged her to declare her major as such. In the future, she hopes to act in and direct her own movies.  


Outside of NPTV, Keller is heavily involved with theater. 


“I’ve done theater for as long as I can remember,” Keller stated. 


The summer before middle school, Keller took part in various theater camps run by her aunt in Los Angeles. She played the Genie in Aladdin and Rosie in Mamma Mia


Keller has an impressive list of characters she has played throughout the years for North Penn High School. Some of these include Sven from Frozen, Grace Fryer in Radium Girl, Mrs. Brill in Marry Poppins, and Amber in Hairspray.