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Online News Day or Knight - Official news site of North Penn High School - 1340 Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA

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Online News Day or Knight - Official news site of North Penn High School - 1340 Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA

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What can North Penn do for you; Psychology

Nathan Carty
Mr. Mccreary looking towards the class after a lesson about stress and focus during his Performance Psychology class

In this installment of “What Can North Penn Do For You,” we take an in-depth look into what North Penn can do for students interested in Psychology.

Are you an underclassmen at North Penn High School? Are you interested in pursuing a degree or career in psychology or sociology? Don’t know how to move forward? North Penn’s course and club offerings are available to you!

The Knight Crier is running a recurring feature on specific classes, clubs, and people to reach out to help students furthermore unravel their interests and achieve their educational/career goals after high school. In this installment, we will cover what opportunities North Penn has to offer for students interested in the various fields of psychology and sociology.


AP Classes

AP Psychology is an advanced placement course in psychology designed for high school students. It covers a wide range of topics including the history of psychology, research methods, biological bases of behavior, cognition, personality, abnormal psychology, and social psychology. Students typically prepare for the AP exam to earn college credit.

AP Sociology is an advanced placement course focused on the study of human social behavior and institutions, similar to AP Psychology. It explores topics such as socialization, culture, social structure, inequality, social change, and the impact of various social factors on individuals and societies.


Elective Classes

Psychology covers fundamental concepts and theories related to human behavior, cognition, emotions, development, personality, mental health, and psychological disorders. Students gain an understanding of the scientific methods used in psychology and learn about different psychological perspectives.

Performance Psychology is a recently added class to the North Penn course lists. This class delves into the psychological aspects of human performance, particularly in sports, arts, and other competitive or high-stress environments. It covers topics such as motivation, goal-setting, mental toughness, stress management, self-confidence, and performance enhancement techniques.

Public Speaking  focuses on developing effective communication and presentation skills. Students learn how to research, organize, and deliver speeches, as well as techniques for engaging an audience, using visual aids, and handling questions and feedback. Additionally, Public Speaking skills are valuable for psychologists as they often need to effectively communicate complex ideas, research findings, and therapeutic strategies to clients, colleagues, and the public.


People to contact!

Mr. Robert McCreary | [email protected]

Mr. Mccreary has been a teacher in the North Penn School District for 28 years, with 3 years at Penndale and 25 years in the high school. He has taught everything in the social studies subject from American History, Sociology, AP Psychology, and now the course that he created, Performance Psychology.

Mr. Daniel Mullarkey | [email protected]
Mr. Mullarkey, another social studies teacher at North Penn High School, began his career mostly instructing history subjects but has since expanded to include psychology. Being an outstanding educator, he is certain to know enough about psychology to address any question that is presented to him regarding the subject.

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