Senior Samirah Rahman started The Writer’s House to share her love of poetry


Rahman holding 1st place trophy for drawing and medal for singing.

Senior Samirah Rahman has always loved English from a very young age. She began composing her own poems in elementary school and enthusiastically offered to read another poet’s piece in Mr. Henry’s AP Literature and Composition class. 

Inside of school she is involved with many different clubs due to her various passions. She is currently the President of the Writer’s House, a club she founded at North Penn to share her love of English and poetry with other students. She is also the editor in chief of the Troubadour Literature & Arts Magazine. 

“I’m in The Writers’ House,Class Cabinet, Link Crew, Troubadour Literature & Arts Magazine, Muslim Student Association, Art Club, SGA Senate, National Honor Society, ENACT, and Bengali Cultural Club,” Rahman said. 

Outside of school, she volunteers at her local mosque and pursues interests like art, writing, and music. She spends many hours honing her art work in addition to her passion for English. She recently received first place in a MIST competition for art. 

“I have taken Design and Ceramics, and I’m currently taking Graphic Design. Art is something I am passionate about so I love being able to express my creativity in these classes,” Rahman added. 

Ms. Lucas, her Ceramics teacher, inspires Rahman, and she has learnt a lot in her class. During her summers, she focuses on improving her art work. 

“Over the summer, I often spend more on my art, along with helping out with my family’s garden. In general, I love spending time with my friends and family as well,” Rahman explained. 

Her favorite class at North Penn includes AP World History. She is fascinated by different cultures and AP World History gives her the opportunity to explore different cultures and civilizations. 

After graduation Rahman plans on attending college and in the future she hopes to go into international diplomacy or do something related to the business field. 

As a senior, having gone through the high school experience she passes on advice to incoming Sophomores. 

“Live your life to the fullest. You only experience high school one time, so make the most of it. Don’t get too caught up in academics or drama, and do what makes you happy,” Rahman concluded.