Be the first to dine at First Watch


First Watch is the area’s newest restaurant, located in Montgomeryville.

Look out! Or should I say “watch out”– there’s a new brunch place in town. 

First Watch is an American restaurant chain that originated in Florida and has recently made its way to Montgomeryville. Over this weekend, my friends and I had the pleasure of dining at the new location. 

The restaurant was bustling on Sunday morning, swarming with people eager to try this hot spot. Luckily, First Watch offers a waitlist option on their website, so make sure to add your name to the list beforehand so you can quickly get seated after arrival. 

After browsing through the menu, I decided to order the avocado toast and iced coffee. However, the server informed me that they unfortunately ran out of ice for the day, so I just settled for water instead. 

The avocado toast was scrumptious, coming with two eggs on the side and the perfect amount of salt sprinkled on top. The only thing I would change about this toast would be just a little less avocado, as I found myself scraping some of it off. Other than that minor detail, I really enjoyed this meal, and other customers did as well. 

“I thought the avocado mash had the perfect amount of flavor and the grated egg on top added an even better flavor to it! So delicious,” Grace Coleman, a fellow customer, remarked about the avocado toast. 

This was definitely one of the better toasts I have eaten in my brunch experience and I would truly consider ordering this again. 

‘The Works’ was also a menu favorite, coming with an omelet, buttered toast, and breakfast potatoes. 

“This omelet had a masterful amount of spices, onions, garlic, and meat, really putting the dish together. The presentation was nothing short of a masterpiece. In my opinion, First Watch knows what they are doing and has truly captured the essence of the perfect brunch,” Nathan Cho, a very passionate customer, exclaimed. 

All in all, the only disappointing part of this brunch experience was the ice shortage. The restaurant had a homey feel with a painting of Montgomeryville and all of our food was of high quality. I would definitely recommend dining at First Watch!