J&J Reviews: PRIME


There were an abundance of flavor choices for this highly sought after energy drink, Prime, at our local Wegmans.

For the last few months, riots have started in international grocery stores over this product, but we found the highly sought out hydration drink, Prime, in our local Wegmans. Prime, similar to your average Gatorade or Body Armour, is a naturally flavored hydration drink made with 10% coconut water with zero sugars and zero caffeine. So, while it’s good for your body, how good does it actually taste?

We bought every flavor that Wegmans in Montgomeryville had, thoroughly taste-tested each one, and then ranked our results in order from best to worst.

1. Lemon Lime: We smelled each drink before tasting it, and at first, all we were able to decipher from the mixture was a powerful lime smell, but also one that significantly resembled yellow sour patch kids. For the taste aspect, both flavors were prevalent as we got the citrus flavor of the lime but sweet like lemonade. This was by far our favorite drink, and even though it’s usually an underrated flavor, it took the top spot. 

2. Orange: This smelled extremely similar to Fanta, and had that signature orangey smell. It tasted, again, like sweeter, non carbonated Fanta. This was the only drink that we could taste the coconut water in, and even then it was faint. As someone who doesn’t particularly like coconut flavor, this was a good thing. Overall, this flavor was just sweet enough and not too overwhelming.

3. Strawberry Watermelon: This favor was almost perfect. Both the strawberry and the watermelon flavor came through evenly with a good flavor mix. Unlike a few of the other flavors, this one did not taste very artificial, but what made it just short of perfect was the sweetness. Although it is very sweet, this would not hold us back from buying and enjoying again.

4. Fruit Punch: This one fell right in the middle of the rankings for us because while it was a solid choice, there were some cons to it. When we smelled it, at first it just smelled like your standard Fruit Punch flavored drink. However, upon tasting it, we found that similar to some other flavors, this flavor was a little watered down. Though it is good to not have that strong taste all the time, it wasn’t performing as we expected. The taste, though, was definitely solid. It didn’t have those artificial sweeteners, but still tasted like any other fruit punch. You could also drink a lot of this without a sweetness overload, which is good when trying to re-hydrate. This drink was a solid one, but didn’t beat some of the other flavors above it.

5. Ice Pop: This flavor had a surprisingly sour smell; something like sour blue raspberry or lemon. It tasted extremely similar to the popsicle, but again was more sour than expected. This was one of the more strong flavors, so it’s not one I would suggest downing all at once, but this tangy flavor is a shock to the taste buds that some might love.

6. Blue Raspberry: Contrary to the popular stereotype, this was one of the poorest blue raspberry flavors we have ever tasted. Usually, blue raz is the most sought after flavor of any product because of its iconic taste, but this flavor of Prime is sadly disappointing. The smell was extremely strong and even a little sour, and had us hopeful at first, but the taste was very watered down. This was where the coconut water base tapped in, but on the positive side, this flavor would be good on a hot day, because there is no artificial flavor.

7. Grape: As well expected like most grape flavored things, this smelled exactly like cough medicine. Sadly it did also taste a bit like cough medicine but very very sweet. In the first few seconds of tasting the drink it was not bad, tasting like a grape dumb dumb but after that faded the medicine taste stayed in your mouth. With an unpleasant flavor and a very overpowering sweetness, we would not purchase this flavor again.

After tasting all of these flavors, we were able to say that first of all, Prime is not as strong and artificial as Gatorade, but has a more naturally fruity flavor. It definitely resembles Body Armour more, but has more overpowering flavor than that as well. The entire goal behind the drink was not to refuel your body with electrolytes, but rather provide hydration in the form of a fruity drink. Yeah, this drink was pretty good, but I seriously do not understand how people in other countries were fighting over this drink, but good for us I guess.