J&J Reviews featuring Em&M: Nothing Bundt Cakes


Julia she

Each sweet bundlet we tried all packaged up, ready for tasting!

To kick off our first review of the new year, we decided to make a sweet stop at Nothing Bundt Cakes. With a variety of 11 Bundtlets to choose from, we selected the eight most appealing to us and taste tested each one. Very quickly, we realized that almost every cake had the same consistency. They were llight and fluffy and topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting meaning we had to judge each one solely on the flavor complexion. Below is our ranking 1-8 and a description of each cake.


#1 Lemon Raspberry– This flavor by far was each of our favorites. Because it was the “Featured Flavor”, we knew we needed to try it to see if it was worth the hype. Like most of the other cakes this flavor had a light and fluffy texture but was almost a little more moist, most likely because of the fruity flavor. The sweetness of the raspberry taste paired with the citrus of the lemon taste then paired with the cream cheese icing was perfect. Although there were many different contrasting flavors all in this cake, each one came out just the right amount to not overpower another. Overall this cake was the most refreshing one from going a different route of more fruity sweet than sugary sweet.


#2 Red Velvet– While the “red velvet” flavor wasn’t jumping out at us compared to some of the other cakes, it was arguably the best paired with the icing of the eight we had. Red velvet always pairs well with cream cheese icing, so it was not a surprise how good the combination tasted. Every so often we would run into a chocolate chip, which was a nice stray from the consistency we were getting so used to, and added a different flavor once in a while.


#3 Snickerdoodle– While some of the bundlets felt heavy and overly sweet this one was a perfect mix of sweetness without being too much. This bundlet tasted like eating an actual snickerdoodle. The strong cinnamon flavor with the cream cheese icing was the perfect combination. Because of the sweetness not being too much, multiple bundlets could be eaten without feeling sick or full. This is the ideal bundt cake and one we would choose every time.


#4 Chocolate Chocolate Chip– This Bundtlet is perfect for any chocolate lovers out there. Usually, you can tell when there is an artificial chocolate flavor with some cakes you try, but this was a rich chocolate cake that was perfectly sweet, not too dark, and tasted extremely fresh. There were mini chocolate chips mixed in throughout the cake, which provided a nice texture and occasional extra burst of chocolate. The super chocolatey cake paired with the sweet icing was a little too much sugar for our taste buds, so in our opinion one person definitely couldn’t finish the whole thing, but this was definitely a personal favorite nonetheless.


#5 Confetti– The confetti bundlet was a very fun surprise. This was a moist vanilla cake filled with confetti sprinkles, topped with cream cheese frosting. The cream cheese frosting went perfectly with the sweet confetti flavoring. We thought the cake was going to be too sweet but the cream cheese flavors paired perfectly. The cake was very good but got ranked 5th since it had a pretty plain flavor.


#6 White Chocolate Raspberry– The white chocolate raspberry cake had a very unique flavor. The cake had raspberries mixed in. The cake was very sweet but we didn’t think it had a white chocolate flavor. The raspberry flavor was pretty flavorful though. The cream cheese frosting went well with the flavors, like most of the other cakes as well. This cake overall was pretty good but was not one we would repurchase.


#7 Lemon– If you love the lemonade girl scout cookie this bundt cake is for you. The lemon flavor was very strong but added a fresh taste to the mix of flavors. The lemon flavor paired with the cream cheese icing made this bundlet flavor last forever in my mouth. Although going from the lemon raspberry to the lemon definitely made this bundt cake a little bland which is the reason for the low ranking.


#8 Chocolate Chip (Gluten Free)– Although none of us are gluten-free we decided to give this flavor a try as it was the only gluten-free option provided. Unlike all the other cakes, this texture was pretty unpleasant as it was more firm and dry. The actual flavor wasn’t terrible considering it was gluten-free, but it could definitely not be compared to a regular chocolate chip cookie. The sweetness from the chocolate chips was probably the only thing that made this enjoyable just because of the very unsatisfying overall flavor and texture.