J&J Reviews: OMG! Pretzels


Jessica Wendowski

Savor the flavor- OMG! Pretzel flavors, Cheddar Jalapeno, Garlic, and Sweet and Spicy, are sold at the local Montgomeryville Wegmans.

Lynn and Stephanie Kriebel are the mother-daughter duo who turned a family treat into a successful business. OMG! Pretzels is a pretzel company with a variety of different flavor combinations that make people say “OMG!”.

We tried all eight flavors leaving a true and honest review. The flavors include Garlic, Sweet and Spicy, Chesapeake Spice, Cheddar Jalapeno, Salty Butterscotch, Lemon Pepper, Sweet Chili, and Sweet and Salty. After tasting flavor after flavor, it is safe to say that we were satisfied and excited to share our opinions on the pretzels.



Upon taking these out of the bag, we were met with a buttery aroma which was a little unexpected because of how strong some garlic smell was. There was not much seasoning on the pretzels, but it was flavorful enough that we couldn’t eat too much at once. It had a very realistic garlic flavor, which was surprising since we couldn’t see the powder on the pretzel. In our opinion, this pretzel exactly resembled garlic bread if it were dried out. This was a plus because we both enjoy eating garlic bread which made this pretzel even more enjoyable for us. A little tip though; we wouldn’t recommend eating these right before a date night if you’re planning on a second date.


Sweet and Spicy

When we took this pretzel out of the package, it looked exactly like an Auntie Anne’s cinnamon soft pretzel bite, but obviously in a hard version. There was definitely a visible cinnamon sugar coating, but there also must have been a spicy layer underneath that we couldn’t see, because the spice was definitely there, just not visible. At first, the pretzel was mostly sweet, and it was almost hard to taste the spicy, but as we continued chewing, the spice became prevalent. It wasn’t necessarily strong as we were eating, but there was definitely a burning sensation on our tongues after the fact, giving the pretzel a sweet taste with a spicy aftertaste. This was one of our favorites, and definitely lived up to the name. 


Chesapeake Spice

These pretzels had a little bit of rub on them, and left a small amount of residue on our fingers, which let us know they would be flavorful. When we first started eating these, it was initially extremely salty, but then the flavor exploded in our mouths. After we got past the salty part, there was a combination of spicy, smokey, and a little bit of buffalo flavor all at once. The after taste reminded me especially of buffalo flavoring, but that made sense because of the spicy reputation. There was one thing about these pretzels, though, that made them different from the other spicy pretzels we tried. It had a smokey taste as we were chewing, which we then agreed reminded us somehow of the holiday season. Whether it reminded us of the smell of a cooking meal or a burning fireplace, this smokey taste was extremely special. Overall, this pretzel was definitely a trip, but an enjoyable one.


Cheddar Jalapeno

Looking at these pretzels in the bag, they looked as if they were coated with cheeto dust. They had a bright orange rub on them, which instantly made us think they would be extra cheesy. We were wrong though, as the jalapeno flavor was stronger than the cheddar, which was definitely surprising. When we first put these into our mouths, there was an instantly spicy taste. This lasted pretty much throughout the chewing period, and we were shocked to find there was barely a cheddar taste at all. The looks were deceiving, but not in a bad way. (As someone who does not particularly enjoy cheese or cheesy flavors) If you are a fan of spicy things, and don’t mind having your fingers turn a little orange, these pretzels are for you.


Salty Butterscotch

At first glance, even through the bag, we could tell this pretzel was going to be packed with flavor, as it was covered with a thick layer of seasoning. We both didn’t know exactly what to expect since we weren’t super familiar with the butterscotch taste, but once we put it in our mouths, it tasted exactly like the name; Salty butterscotch. The first taste to hit our tongue was the sweetness of the pretzel. The sugar coating on the pretzel had a perfectly resembling caramel taste that went really well with the little bit of salty that came through. Although we expected it to be overly sweet because of the abundant amount of spices, it had a very subtle flavor. This pretzel was very well balanced between sweet and salty, and a flavor we both enjoyed very much.


Lemon Pepper

When we ripped off the top and opened this bag we were hit with the smell you would get if you were to smell a spice cabinet. After smelling the strong pepper smell, it was definitely a surprise as the first taste we got was the lemon. The actual taste of the pepper soon became more present and it was a pleasant mix of the two flavors. We didn’t know what to fully expect since we had never had the two flavors together, but they definitely complimented each other since after the first few bites they evened each other out. In contrast to some of the other pretzel flavors, this pretzel did not leave a very strong after-taste which was good because it allowed us to keep wanting more rather than having a few and being done.


Sweet Chili

In our opinion, the sweetness of this pretzel very much overpowered the chili taste. Initially, you could only taste the sweetness but as the flavor slowly started to melt together the spiciness kicked in. We did think that there could have been a little more seasoning since we would rate the spiciness a 4/10 and considering that there was only a thin layer of spices coating the pretzel. Because this pretzel wasn’t too strong in flavor, it left a good aftertaste.


Sweet and Salty

Along with the Sweet and Spicy Pretzel, this pretzel also closely resembled the Auntie Annes Cinnamon and Sugar Pretzels, but again, a hard version. They were covered with big pieces of sugar and salt, which gave the impression that they were going to be very sweet but they actually were not. While we could taste both sweet and salty, we thought there could be a little more seasoning on them. Since the bottom of the bag was covered with salt and sugar we figured they were initially more seasoned but it just fell off. Although the flavors weren’t as strong as we anticipated, we were able to eat and enjoy more pretzels since they were overpowering.

After trying all of these pretzels, we agreed that this was definitely a quality pretzel company. The fact that OMG Pretzels has so many different flavors and choices is perfect, because depending on what mood you’re in, there is always a pretzel to suit it. Whether it is sweet, sugary, salty, cheesy, spicy, or a combination of any of these, OMG! Pretzels has it. You can purchase these pretzels at grocery stores like Wegmans and Hennings, and on their website https://omgpretzels.com/our-story/.