J&J Reviews: Wegmans Cake

When it comes to dessert, Wegmans takes the cake.



A wide variety of cakes are available at Wegmans’ bakery section.

As we walked into Wegmans Supermarket, the dessert section automatically got our attention. When browsing the section of sugary goodies, we knew from the selection of cakes, we would be in for a sweet treat. We decided to try five different cake slices to put Wegmans cake to the ultimate test.


Ultimate Chocolate Cake- 

Upon looking at this chocolate cake for the first time, we could tell that we were in for something extreme. In taking the first bite, we were met with a chocolate flavor that was so rich, it was almost hard to eat. The icing itself was extremely sweet, so paired with the dense chocolatey cake, it was a bit overwhelming. The texture of the cake was moist but not as spongy as some of the other cakes we tested. Aside from the texture, the flavor was perfect. I would definitely enjoy this cake with either a different icing, or no icing at all. We love chocolate cake, but even this cake was too much for us. So if you are an avid chocolate lover, this one’s for you.

Ultimate Vanilla Cake-

Just by looking at the clean-cut vanilla cake slice, we could tell that the cake was the perfect texture, and we was right. When we bit into this, we were met with a moist and spongy textured cake that almost melted in our mouths. However, the icing contrasted textures dframatically. It was dry and crumbly. The icing was also extremely sweet, which was an unpleasant contrast to the mildly sweet cake. Honestly, we would just buy this cake without the icing, and that is the way we continued to eat this slice; by just avoiding the icing. This cake would be perfect to get for a formal occasion because of the simplicity and all that can be done with it from a creative standpoint. Again, with another icing this slice of cake would be perfection, but we still enjoyed it.

Ultimate Carrot Cake-

This slice of cake definitely had a lot going on as it had a cream cheese icing, carrot flavored cake, and was filled with raisins and walnuts. It was kind of hard to get a sense of the cake texture as the raisins and walnuts just made it very chunky. Along with the raisins and walnuts making it chunky, we thought that it took away from the actual carrot flavor since it was hard to taste. The icing on the other hand was very good. It was nice and thick which definitely helped even out the textures. It also wasn’t too sweet but sweet enough to give the cake that extra bit of flavor that it needed.

Tres Leches Cake- 

I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous going into this cake. In the container, you could see the milk leaking out of the cake, which made me concerned about the texture. I was completely wrong, as the cake was moist but not wet or soggy as I expected. It was cool in my mouth, and even when I was chewing, no moisture left the cake itself. The icing was super light, and tasted just like whipped cream, which was a great contrast to the icings we had previously tasted. The actual cake part reminded me of angel food cake as far as taste goes. The slice was topped with a strawberry, which was a tangy contrast to the sweetness of the cake- a good choice. This cake is one hundred percent a representation of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” because it completely exceeded my expectations.

Red Velvet Cake-

When we were picking out all the cakes we were going to be trying, this cake definitely caught our eye the most. The icing had a smooth and creamy look with some sprinkles on top and the cake looked perfectly red and spongy. The actual cake itself wasn’t as spongy as we had anticipated as it was more on the dry side. Although red velvet cake is just a different verison of chocolate cake, it didn’t taste much like anything. Aside from the cake, the icing was delicious. It was the perfect creamy and smooth consistency and the perfect sweetness. Overall this cake was good paired together, but we definitely think the icing carried the flavor of the cake.


Overall, for being pre-made grocery store cake, Wegmans execution was impressive. The fact that there was such a variety to choose from in the first place was a surprise, but the diversity and personalization of each type of cake was above and beyond our expectations. No cake was similar, whether it was the icing, texture of the cake, or overall taste. We would highly recommend checking out Wegmans dessert section for an affordable cake if you are hosting an event, have specific cravings or just happen to need some cake on the fly. Now that we know what they have to offer, we will definitely be stopping by Wegmans whenever we are in the mood for a sweet treat.