Oki Sushi is more than just Ok


Jessica Wendowski

An assortment of sushi from “Oki Sushi.”

Oki Sushi, located in Lansdale, is a sushi restaurant with a very wide variety of sushi, sides, vegetarian options, and more. The three of us teamed up to tackle this review, and it is safe to say we were not disappointed. We decided to order six different rolls, and were pleasantly surprised with the quick and friendly service this restaurant had to offer. If you are looking for some top quality sushi, this place will not disappoint.

California Roll- This is always a classic that never misses, containing avocado, cucumber, and crab. The soft texture of the avocado blends perfectly in my mouth with the flavorful crab, and the crunch of the cucumber really tops it off. If you are a “sushi novice,” the California Roll is always a simple yet delicious option.

Mixed Vegetable Roll- This was definitely refreshing and appealing to the eye, but the sweet and salty components were not necessarily a good combination for the taste buds. However, I thought the seaweed wrapped around the outside added a nice texture and crunch. This is a solid vegetarian option, and will easily fill you up.

Spicy Salmon- It is a very simple roll but it is delicious. The roll was rice, seaweed and a spicy salmon mixture. The salmon was a perfect texture, it paired perfectly with the spicy component. Even though there wasn’t a lot of different flavor in this roll it was great.

Pink Lady Roll- This was a spicy tuna roll topped with salmon, tuna, and avocado. I thought this roll was very good. The spicy tuna was the perfect amount of spicy. The pieces with avocado really paired well with the tuna.

Shrimp & Chicken Tempura- These popular rolls consist of rice, seaweed (nori), fried shrimp or chicken, cucumber and avocado. Regarding the texture it has a variety of crunchy and smooth that blends well together. Since the chicken and shrimp pieces made up a big part of the roll, it was a little dry in some places, however the sauce drizzled on top helped give contrast to the crunch. Overall the flavors of this roll were very simple but enjoyable.