Mixie Chics: Macarons Made With Love


Jessica Wendowski

Six deliciously unique and creative flavors. Top left: Lovely Lemon. Top middle: Simply Strawberry. Top right: Passionate Pistachio. Bottom left: Salted Caramel. Bottom middle: Very Vanilla. Bottom right: Peanut Butter Bliss.

Outside of school, many teachers have their pastimes, and Mrs. Amanda Franek has a sweet one. Mixie Chics, “French Macarons with an American Flair”, is owned by Franek, Seasons Quigley, and Amy Bocklet. They create original, flavor-packed macaron masterpieces that looked too good to pass by.

Our very own North Penn teacher and a co-owner of Mixie Chics, Mrs. Franek, holding a nicely packaged box of their French Macarons.
(Jessica wendowski)

Since all of the business owners are North Penn parents and Franek, a teacher, these tasty treats are well known throughout North Penn and something we knew we had to try right away. Out of sixteen year-round flavors, we taste-tested six of the macarons, and to say they were the perfect treat is an understatement.

Peanut Butter Bliss- This was the first macaron that we tested, and it led this review off with a bang. The flavor as a whole was mouth-wateringly delicious, as the chewy, almost brownie-like cookie, complimented the sweet peanut butter filling perfectly. The filling was creamy and light, with not too much of an overpowering peanut butter flavor. The extra chilled dark chocolate in the middle added a nice touch to blend the flavors in the most appealing way.

Very Vanilla- Out of the six flavors, the simplicity of this vanilla macaron contrasted perfectly with the bold flavor variety. At first bite, the flavor of traditional vanilla bean ice cream was the first thing that came to mind. The filling of this macaron had more of a chilled icing consistency than the others. Our favorite part of this macaron was how the simple flavoring still had so much to it and the perfect amount of sweetness. We would 100% recommend this to anyone who wants a basic, yet flavorful cookie.

Jessica Wendowski

Salted Caramel- At first glance, the topping of this macaron is very charming. Topped with actual chunks of sea salt and a dark chocolate drizzle, we couldn’t wait to dig in and take a bite. The first thing that hit our taste buds was the sweetness of the caramel filling. The icing had a more buttery aftertaste kind of resembling butterscotch. Although the icing was a bit too sweet for our liking, the sea salt on top helped balance it out to make it a sweet and salty combo.

Passionate Pistachio- Out of all the delectable flavors, this was not our favorite just because of personal flavor preference. The filling was slightly overpowering since the cookie part did not have a distinct flavor, however, it accurately resembles the flavor of pistachio. Although it wasn’t our style, this is a very popular and enjoyed flavor among other customers, so if that’s your style, this would be the perfect macaron for you.

Simply Strawberry- One thing about this macaron that is visibly appealing is the vibrant red coloring of the actual cookie and the pink icing. While the filling had almost the consistency of a thick smoothie, it had the nostalgic taste of a strawberry pop tart filling. The strawberry flavor of the filling tasted very fresh and had a sugary taste, but because the cookie part wasn’t overwhelmed with sweetness, which made it work.

Jessica Wendowski

Lovely Lemon- This macaron had a spot-on lemon taste that was very sweet but surprisingly not overpowering. It did not have the tart lemon taste that we expected but had a refreshing tang to it. Although lemon desserts don’t tend to be our first choice, these macarons definitely had a different and enjoyable lemon taste.

While we only tried a few flavors, there are so many more yummy flavors to try that you can find those on their website  https://mixiechics.com/