Crumbl Cookie: a sweet stop


Jessica Wendowski

Top Left: Birthday Cake ft. OREO, Top right: Hazelnut Sea Salt, Bottom Middle: Blueberry Muffin, Bottom right: Snicker doodle

Crumbl Cookie, a franchise that has quickly risen to popularity within the past year, has expanded to various locations in eastern Pennsylvania. We visited the Warrington location to experience the hype behind these popular baked goods. Each week, 4-5 new specialty flavors are released. This week’s creations looked too good to miss out on and it is safe to say that we were not disappointed.

Blueberry Muffin– When approaching this cookie, the first thing we noticed was the strong blueberry smell which was actually stronger than the taste. When first biting into it, the buttery taste could not go unnoticed, paired with the sweetness of the sugary crumb topping. As for the texture, it was cakey and soft, realistically resembling a muffin.

Hazelnut Sea Salt– The hazelnut icing, closely resembling Nutella spread, had a smooth, creamy texture that complimented the soft cookie to make it overall more texture diverse. The simple chocolate icing paired very well with the hint of sea salt in the cookie. If you have a sweet tooth but want to savor the flavor, this simple cookie is the perfect definition of the combo ‘sweet and salty’, and is definitely worth trying.

Snickerdoodle– When going to take a bite into this cookie, the strong cinnamon smell gives a homey sense to the cookie. With the first impression of a crunchy outside, the soft, slightly buttery inside was a tasty, unexpected surprise. Although our expectations were an overpowering cinnamon taste, this cookie had the perfect amount of cinnamon, making this taste like a traditional Snickerdoodle cookie.

Birthday Cake ft. OREO– This was our favorite one by far, as well as being the most visually appealing. Though the icing was very sweet, its smooth texture paired with the chocolate base well. It was easy to taste the Oreo theme in the cookie and even though there was a lot going on, the sprinkles added a nice touch to the top to complete this creation, really giving the cookie a birthday cake effect.