From the NP Vault – 2005 First ever episode of Mornings


TOWAMENCIN – Picture this… 15 years ago… Towamencin Township, Pennsylvania. Perhaps some current NPHS sophomores were in cribs and cradles. But in the classrooms of 1340 Valley Forge Rd, a brand new television series was being aired for the first time, one that would outlast The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and many other all time hits. It was a weekly program that, while nobody knew it at the time, would even be too strong to be preempted by a pandemic a decade and a half later.

In today’s installment of our new Knight Crier feature, “From the NP Vault,” we look back at the series premier of Mornings on NPTV. It was December of 2005 and North Penn Television was still Channel 16, but Mr. Brumbaugh still had all the answers. The Rick Carroll Natatorium was brand new, but the NPTV set looked very different.

Enjoy this segment from the vault. In our next edition, we will dial things back to the 20th century and take a look at life at North Penn HS in the 90s.

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Enjoy The Vault!

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