Esha Nakodkar on her way to changing the world


Submitted photo

Esha Nakodkar photographed at Mini-thon with friend Simran Rathod

Esha Nakodkar puts immense amounts of effort into making her school the best it can be. On top of taking three AP classes, she is secretary of ASL Club (going to be co-president next year), involved in Italian Club, Class Cabinet, ICA, on the Mini-Thon Executive Board and Unified Track Team.

Since she came to North Penn High school as a sophomore, she has had a passion for bettering the community of North Penn. She ran for Vice President last year, her campaign surrounding the fact that she loved chicken cheesesteaks. Although she did not win, she did not let that stop her. Esha devotes every single day to the class of 2020, helping to organize Winter Ball, Junior Prom, Mini-Thon, and many other activities throughout the school year.

What she loves about North Penn is “The opportunity [and] the diversity. Very few people can say ‘yeah, I go to one of the largest high schools in the state, maybe even the country.’” Her school pride is what helps to drive her to be so involved, even though her schedule is so packed.

Her tenacious attitude translates to more aspects of her life than just her school. When planning her future, she dreams big. She does not know for sure, but she is interested in attending Penn State to major in Security Risk Analysis.

“It’s basically business and cybersecurity. You could go into law, working for a business or your own business, or government, anti-terrorism, lots of different opportunities. That is the biggest thing for me and many others, because I am not one hundred percent sure- but I know that sounds like something I want to do, so I will go from there” she explained.

Esha has always been someone who never gives up. She is hardworking and does not let her situation hold her back from meeting her goals. She said that her sophomore year was not the best for her, but she is determined to make this year a great year for her and the other students at North Penn that might feel lost in the crowded hallways.

“A good friend of mine once told me something that opened my eyes. He said ‘maybe you don’t feel like you have a huge place in this school right now, considering we have 3,000 people here. And I know you can feel really small sometimes,” she explained.

She doesn’t just want to leave a legacy at North Penn, she wants to impact the world as a whole.

“I’ve known that I am going to do something in my life, be it humongous, I am going to do something. I am going to have an impact and I know I want to and I know I have to,” Esha reflected.

As a girl with aspirations, there is no doubt she will do amazing things for her school and community. When you are dancing at Mini-thon and petting puppies next week, thank Esha Nakodkar and her dedication to this school.