There’s nothing mini about Sydney Stark

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TOWAMENCIN- Most role models do what they can to better their community through their kind actions and caring natures. Senior Sydney Stark embodies this, but with a little extra kick; she does it in ballet slippers.

Stark has been dancing since she was two years old, and her love and appreciation for her art has not dissipated over time. She dances five to six days a week and mainly focuses on ballet, but also does jazz and modern. Stark goes further than just dancing herself; she also teaches five to six year old girls ballet.

“Sometimes it’s challenging since they can get a bit rambunctious on a Friday night, but not only am I teaching them ballet technique and choreography, it’s more like being a role model and teaching them discipline,” Stark comments on teaching the young girls. “I find that to be fun and important at the same time.”

Submitted Photo
Stark in her studio’s production of The Nutcracker in 2018 when she was the Snow Queen.

This year, Stark was selected to play Alice in her studio’s story ballet for their spring show of Alice in Wonderland. Despite being in the midst of rehearsals, Stark still loads up on extracurriculars centered on helping those around her.

Not only is she an active member of Key Club, but Stark is the co-chair for organizing Mini-THON and is an avid participant in raising money to research cures for childhood cancer. She’s been involved in the event for the past two years and decided this year to step into a leadership position.

“It’s humbling to be part of something bigger than myself. It’s for the kids, it’s for people that are struggling in their life, and for me to help them or make them smile or give them a reason to hope is important,” Stark explained.

Although the sort of dance at Mini-THON is a bit different than the ballet she is used to, Stark immensely enjoys the evening and has the best time. Twelve hours of constant movement and energy may make some people a bit nervous, but Stark embraces the entire experience.

“I think that the energy and the adrenaline of the whole night keeps you awake so I don’t have a problem staying up the whole night,” Stark shared.

Stark plans on continuing her education as a possible double major for biology and dance, with a potential minor in French. Her involvement and hard work knows no limits as she surges through the last few months of senior year. Her passion for dance will continue as she furthers her education and keeps on caring about those around her.

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