Everything you need to know about Everything Bagel Cafe

CUISINE- Pictured here are two of the bagels Doug Bell ordered while reviewing the Everything Bagel Cafe.

NORTH WALES- It is rare to find a restaurant that offers authentic New York bagels in the suburbs of Philadelphia. However, the folks at Everything Bagel Cafe in North Wales have indeed created such a place.

Like most people, when my family buys bagels, we get them at the grocery store. But most mass-produced grocery store bagels are doughy and chewy. If your goal is to stop your stomach from growling, the store bought bagels can fill that need. But if you want to really enjoy the bagel-eating experience, you need to go to Everything Bagels. Made from scratch and kettle-boiled prior to baking, the bagels at Everything Bagels are far beyond what one can buy at the grocery store. Their fresh baked bagels have just the right mix between being crispy and chewy, and they are much more flavorful than anything you will experience with store-bought bagels. And if you are in the mood for something more than just a basic bagel, Everything Bagel has a long list of flavored bagels. From plain, to whole wheat, to jalapeno, Everything Bagel has got every customer’s taste buds covered.

For those diners who want more than just a simple bagel, Everything Bagels gives you the option to turn that simple bagel into a delicious breakfast or lunch. For breakfast, you can choose from various bagel toppings including egg, cheese, and various meats for your toasted bagel. They also offer a number of different cream cheese spreads on toasted bagels from your standard plain cream cheese to flavored options such as veggie, strawberry, lox, and more.

If you are looking for a filling lunch option, Everything Bagels is the place to go. For lunch, they provide both cold and hot options. Cold sandwiches include egg, tuna, and chicken salad, as well as a number of lunch meats from Boars Head. Hot sandwiches include cheesesteak, cheese burger, grilled chicken, and turkey options. Basically anything you can think of, they put it on a bagel!

Although they offer take-out, I decided to sit down and eat in the restaurant to fully experience what Everything Bagel has to offer. The first thing that I noticed was that the staff is very friendly and engaging. It is easy to tell that they enjoy not only serving the guests, but also working with each other.

I decided to order both a breakfast sandwich and a bagel with cream cheese. The breakfast sandwich was a double egg, double bacon, and double cheese on a toasted everything bagel. The eggs and cheese were evenly distributed throughout the sandwich, and the bacon was just the right kind of crispy to compliment the rest of the sandwich. As for the cream cheese bagel, I went with a lox cream cheese on a toasted plain bagel. Although less complicated than my breakfast sandwich, this bagel was still very flavorful, and the balance of salmon and cream cheese was very good. I recommend these options to anyone interested in checking out Everything Bagel.

To compliment my bagels, I ordered a cafe americano from their list of coffees and espressos. The americano was flavorful and rich, but not overpowering. Everything Bagels offers other drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, hot chocolates, and a number of coffee flavors.

To really understand how delicious the bagels are at Everything Bagel Cafe, it is best to just try them for yourself. They are located on the corner of Main Street and Walnut Street in North Wales, next to North Wales Running Company. To learn more about Everything Bagel and to check out their menu, visit http://www.everythingbagelcafe.net/.