Not the Typical Halloween Candy: Skippack Sweet Spot

Skippack Sweet Spot shows off their selection of seasonal Halloween candy.

Ditch the Kit-Kats and the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups this Halloween for some gourmet sweets from the Skippack Sweet Spot located in the heart of Skippack.

Voted the #1 candy shop in Montgomery County by Happening Magazine, Skippack Sweet Spot is sure to satisfy the salivations that arise during this time of the year. Normal trick or treating just does not compare to stopping by the Sweet Spot and picking out your own candies.

Upon walking in, it is hard to ignore the aroma, synonymous with candy stores everywhere, that fills the air. This aroma of chocolates and candies creates a feeling that you have walked into a Willy Wonka Fantasyland that happens to exist just a few miles from your home.

Candy is stacked on every wall, table, and window from the floor to the ceiling. Sure, they carry the typical Hershey’s and Mars candies, but what sets Skippack Sweet Spot apart from the local Walgreens is their selection of retro, gourmet, and imported treats that would be hard to find anywhere else.

I am more of a chocolate person myself, so I went right for the counter in the middle of the store. I ask Sarah, one of a few employees at the Sweet Spot, what she recommends out of the many options before me. She guides me to the section of chocolates imported from Lillie Belle Farms in Oregon. I choose out a Marionberry filled dark chocolate as well as a Bing Cherry Ganache. Both were exceptionally well balanced between the sweetness of the fruit and the bitterness of the chocolate.

My next choice was a Peanut Butter Tree. Not an actual tree, but rather a chocolate that is shaped like a tree. I equate this chocolate to a luxury version of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The chocolate and peanut butter are both much more rich in flavor compared to the name brand, and ultimately provide a better experience.

I decided to also try a coffee truffle, something that I had never even thought about trying before. To be honest, I am not sure how to describe this. A soft flavor ball that packs a punch seems to be a suitable definition. Although very well balanced between the taste of coffee and dark chocolate, I found it to be a bit overpowering and too rich for my liking.

If you are vegan, lactose intolerant, or can not eat gluten, then say no more. Skippack Sweet Spot is driven to provide customers of all preferences with a treat that suits them.

“We once had a girl come in who really wanted candy corn, but she could not eat gluten. Apparently gluten is in most brands of candy corn,” Sarah explained, “We searched all over online for a local place that produced gluten-free bags of candy corn, and eventually we were able to provide her with it.”

Stop in and see the sweetest spot in Skippack for yourself. You can be sure to leave the Skippack Sweet Spot with a sweet tooth that is thoroughly satisfied!