The Mill: Rich in History and Flavor


Doug Bell

The Mill takes a historic setting and makes it a restaurant atmosphere.

A restaurant based in a fascinating, historically rich building? With super friendly staff? And delicious food? Although this sounds too good to be true, The Mill easily delivers in all of these categories.

Located at the corner of Bustard Road and Sumneytown Pike, The Mill is one of the few restaurants that considers itself a part of Kulpsville. This may seem insignificant, but the historical artifacts, pictures, and signs tell another story. Hung around the restaurant are numerous old photographs of Sumneytown Pike and Kulpsville from the late 19th and early 20th century. These photos help educate the customers on the land that many of their homes and businesses were built over.

Along with photographs, there are different farm mill tools placed throughout the restaurant. According to The Mill’s website, these tools were uncovered while renovating the building into a restaurant. It comes as no surprise that these tools were uncovered since the building acted as an actual mill for the Kulpsville area when it opened in 1894.

While perusing the many photographs and artifacts, it can become easy to forget that The Mill is also a restaurant. That is to say until you get a whiff of the mouthwatering pizzas and sandwiches cooking in the wood fired stove. The aroma of comfort food fills the old building, injecting a new life in the form of delicious meals and satisfied customers.

For appetizers, you can not go wrong with the Fried Mac & Cheese Bites. Topped with a warm tomato sauce, these panko crusted balls of homemade mac and cheese are irresistible in every way. The only downside to this appetizer is there are only three to each dish, so it is recommended to get more than one serving when enjoying with friends.

When it comes to sandwiches, The Mill has plenty to choose from. My personal favorite for lunch time is a Mill Melt. The cranberry multigrain bread nicely compliments the bbq chicken breast topped with caramelized onions, tomatoes, bacon, gouda cheese, and honey bbq aioli. When I want a heavier sandwich during dinner time, I opt for the Buffalo Bomb. This sandwich is a great example of how The Mill takes food to the next level. On top of the typical chopped chicken and hot sauce, they add sliced jalapenos and bacon to the equation. These additives create a texture and taste that puts this sandwich above all others.

Doug Bell orders his pizza of choice: Margherita

On top of the many sandwiches, entrees, and appetizers that The Mill offers, they have one more specialty: Wood-Fired Pizza. This is not your typical Dominoes or Papa Johns, but rather an offering of gourmet 12-inch pizzas that cater to different pallets. Want a regular old pizza? Order a Traditional. Want the most extravagant pizza possible? Order a Truffle Bacon pizza with every topping available.

I decided to keep it simple and order a Margherita pizza which included fresh tomato sauce, basil, and mozzarella. In retrospect, I probably should have ordered something a little more interesting, but make no mistake, this pizza was beyond what I expected. The crust was thin and light while still maintaining its structural integrity. The sauce was evenly distributed across every slice and mixed perfectly with the basil and melted mozzarella. A glazing of oil around the edge of the crust really assisted in helping the pizza melt in my mouth.

From the displays of history, to the demonstration of culinary excellence, The Mill is a great experience from top to bottom.

For more information, visit their website at: or stop in soon to enjoy for yourself.