Backyard Beans Coffee Co. – a New Coffee House in Town


Amanda Danziger

Panoramic view of Backyard Beans

Few things in life are as satisfying as the first sip of a delicious cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee plays a crucial role in all of our lives, so why settle for a subpar cup of joe when you can get a freshly brewed, gourmet cup of coffee in Lansdale’s very own coffee house?

Located at the corner of Main Street and South Wood Street, Backyard Beans Coffee Co. is a nice alternative to Wawa and Starbucks. The first impression upon walking in is one word: minimalism. White counters, wooden bar stools, and ambient lighting create a pleasant and calm environment for both work and unwinding. This environment only improves with the aroma of coffee that fills the entire restaurant.

With the barista’s counter located in the middle of the layout rather than one wall, it allows for an open environment. There are tables near the walls as well as a number of bar seating areas near the counter and by the windows. I chose to sit at the large windows that look out onto Main Street. Not only was it nice to watch the hustle and bustle of a Lansdale Friday night from the warmth of the cafe, but to know that I was supporting a small business while doing so really completed the experience.

So what about the coffee? I tried three of Backyard Beans’ coffees and each one was more impressive in taste and quality than the one before.

The first coffee was a specialty roast only produced in the fall. It is aptly named the Scarecrow Dark Roast. Rich and bold in flavor, the Scarecrow roast proves to do its job and create a sense of fall with each sip. Unlike other fall drinks, like the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, the Scarecrow is less sweet and in your face. It achieves its goal by bringing out the nuances of the fall instead.

The second coffee was a simple cold brew. I put just a bit of whole milk in to lighten it up. Just like all of the Backyard Beans coffee, the cold brew is steeped in house in large tanks. The blend used in the cold brew is very refreshing and lighter than other comparable cold brews, but no less bold in flavor. This drink really serves the purpose of being refreshing while still giving the consumer the kick they need to stay awake.

The third coffee was a variation on the last one: Nitro Cold Brew. The Nitro Cold Brew is the same beans as regular cold brew, but infused with nitrogen to add a smoothness to the drink. At Backyard Beans, you can either buy a can of the Nitro, or you can have it served on tap. I opted for the can, however I poured it into a glass at home. I took this drink with no additives, just the coffee, and I made the right choice. The Nitro has a depth to its flavor that the other drinks did not have. Smooth and frothy, it is easy to sip this drink down in less than ten minutes. If I were to recommend one drink at Backyard Beans, it would certainly be their Nitro Cold Brew.

As with any local business, pricing their products to be competitive is a real issue. However, Backyard Beans has done a great job at keeping the prices manageable for all customers. A pound of House Blend at Starbucks costs $12.95, while a pound of Breakfast Blend at Backyard Beans costs just $2.05 more at $15. In fact, the cold brew costs $0.16 less at Backyard Beans at only $3.50 for a comparable size to a Starbucks Grande cup.

Backyard Beans provides an opportunity to experience a true coffee house right in Lansdale, and it allows you to support a local business at the same time. For more information, visit their website at or stop in the store and sit down for cup of coffee to try for yourself.