Francis starts season perfect


EARLINGTON- Probably the rarest word in sports, perfect.  But that’s what sophomore Lucas Francis was on Wednesday night.

The North Penn Knights took down the Upper Moreland Golden Bears by a score of four games to none.  The night belonged to Francis as he bowled 12 strikes for a score of 300, a perfect game.  As Francis got set for his 12th roll of the night, he did his best to keep calm.

“I just wanted to make a strong shot and give myself the best opportunity to be perfect,” Francis stated.

It was the second perfect game of his young career and the first ever perfect game in North Penn history in league play.

“It was an amazing moment to experience with my teammates and my coach.  It was a great start to the season,” Francis said.

A great start indeed for Francis and the boys bowling team.  They will be at Levitttown Lanes, Friday, as they will be up against the Pennsbury Falcons.

UM              0-4
Elex Weisman                 145-161-186=492
Ethan Connell                 146-142-  –   =288
Ben Iaia                          149-182 168=499
Max Gintvainis                208-155-134=497
Stiles Costello                 164-139-148=451
Tucker Lytle                      X-  X-    136=136
NP          4-0
Naman Parikh                175-205-155=535
Jason Brennecke           116-163-  X =279
Martin Grace                  241-165-236=642
Lucas Francis                234-242-300=776
James Carnal                 177-254-246=677
Jacob Flango                   X-     X-155=155
 Isabella Luchsinger       46- 73  90 = 209
Sarah Olscewski            90-101-122=313
Gabby Levy                    61- 88- 78 =227
Kasey Kroll                   106-143-149=398
Annaleigh Switzer          149-133-102=384
Jennifer Snyder             134-173-156=463