Cannoneers Club sets mark on the best for school and community


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Banners hang around ball field fences and stadium sidelines for the club’s sponsorships to North Penn athletic programs.

LANSDALE-– Serving up more than just some of the best food and burgers in town, the Cannoneers Sportsmen’s Club, located on 501 W 5th St in Lansdale, provides service for families and  programs all with the goal of improving the local schools and community. Putting their support into many local organizations and funds, the club stands as a staple in the town of Lansdale, and dedicates their time outside of the kitchen and restaurant to benefiting local schools, sports teams, and clubs.

“As board members and club members, we are all volunteers and dedicate our time to support any kind of athlete and club member. We sponsor and provide support for the teams and players that dedicate their time to representing the best of our community and want to help organizations work with projects and their programs,” said Cannoneer’s secretary and American Legion baseball coach, Scott McClay.

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The Cannoneers Club supports their own sports and programs from its surface in 1946 to today.

The club’s long list of services to the sports teams of North Penn High School range from providing food for the end of the season banquet for the football team, golf outing advertisement plus hoagies for the baseball team’s spring Myrtle Beach trip, infield tarps for the softball team, beef and beer events for the basketball and wrestling squads, contributions to the Frisbee National runs and contributions to the golf team’s seasons to name a few. Providing these services exhibits the dedication the club has to making our local school’s programs better and a more fulfilling experience for those playing, competing, and representing the very best of what our community has to offer. However, it is not just for the competitors on the field, court, or track that the club provides benefits, it is for those who grind the many hours in the classroom. The Cannoneers Club provides scholarship opportunities to those who are dedicated to their sport but also put academics first.

“The Cannoneers Sportsmen’s Club was founded in 1946 and since then it has turned into an organization that has supported and sponsored many local teams on and off the field. We have grown to almost 2000 yearly social members that socialize in the club and at sponsored events. Our mission is to continue to support local sports teams in good fellowship, raise money, and be a positive part of the North Penn community,”explained Cannoneers Club daily operator, Rick Palmerio.

“The Cannoneers Club has a long history of supporting local sports clubs. From providing fundraising opportunities, donations to support team trips, and sponsoring their seasons, the Cannoneers Club has continued to show a commitment to sports in the greater North Penn area,” stated Cannoneer’s trustee and American Legion baseball assistant coach, Bryan Clayton.

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Banners hang around ball field fences and stadium sidelines for the club’s sponsorships to North Penn athletic programs.

Not only do the sports and academics of North Penn receive the charity of the Cannoneers Club, but clubs like North Penn robotics and drama gain sponsorships and donations for trips like nationals for the robotics team. In addition, picnics are held at the club for robotics team members to show off their best works and donations are provided for drama to improve their stage and curtain at Penndale.

“We enjoy and appreciate the the ability to not only help the children, but young adults to be able to continue on playing any kind of athletics, or participation in the community. What we get out of it most is the enjoyment that they are able to enjoy their time in the program and life as a whole with the opportunity to get together and enjoy each other’s company. We do the best we can to expand to all parts of the community and make it all about helping the young adults,” said McClay.

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Burger days, pancake breakfasts and beef and beer events are held at the club to contribute to local clubs and teams.

 Contributions to programs such as Manna on Main Street, the Variety Club, and other charities exemplify the resounding dedication the club and it’s members have to providing the best for those who live in the greater Lansdale area.  Over $125,000 in donations and an increasing amount of sponsorships to local businesses, schools and teams make the Cannoneers Club a part of everyone’s success and achievements throughout their endeavours in life.

“I don’t think many people realize how many community events and, organizations the Cannoneers Club supports. I’ve seen boy scout troops, North Penn High School activities, community and school teams both young and adult, all being supported by the club. They really are one of the most active community organizations in the North Penn area,” explained Clayton.

While it may seem that all these services are more than they can chew, the Cannoneers Club has made it a staple in their club and restaurant to proving the very best for those who play a part in any and every facet of our community. So while the Cannoneers Sportsmen’s Club may see be seen by many as just a private social club, it it important to understand that the club’s memberships are always open to new families looking for a good time, good eats, and good causes.