European Treat Review


My dad is an airline pilot and on a recent trip to Paris, France, he brought back some chocolates and macarons so… here is my review of them!  

Raspberry white chocolate 

Caramel milk chocolate 

Plain milk chocolate

Lait chocolate 

Overall for European chocolates especially France chocolates supposedly being some of the best I was not impressed with them, except for the raspberry one, they all had underwhelming flavors. I honestly think the chocolates we have here based in the USA, like Ghiradelli and Dove, are better. 


  • Chocolate – This one tasted like a brownie and had an extremely sugary chocolate filling but was very different from the chocolate bars, it has a good sweet flavor but was not my favorite. 6/10
  • Vanilla – Although the macaron has a creamy vanilla filling the cookie part itself was only buttery and tasted plain, it was very underwhelming as vanilla flavored things tend to be. 5/10
  • Raspberry – The cookie part has a mild raspberry flavor that was sweet but the filling was like a raspberry jam so it was on the tangy side but they complemented each other well and had a refreshing fruity flavor. 7.5/10 
  • Pistachio – I like pistachio flavored things and most people don’t consider them to be sweet and only think of them as savory but this macron didn’t have a flavor at first but then after I got hints of that sweet nutty flavor when I was done actually eating it. 7.5/10
  • Salted butter caramel – The flavor of this one was immaculate. It had an amazing salted caramel flavor with all the perfect notes of sweet and salty and blended perfectly with each other. The flavor was very similar to a good caramel popcorn but in the form of a macaron. 11/10
  • Lemon – I am a sucker for lemon flavored things and this macaron had the perfect light sour lemon flavor but disappeared fast in terms of the cookie. As for the filling it was filled with a sort of  lemon curd that had a more prominent lemon flavor than the cookie part. 10/10

Overall these macarons were very good for the affordable cost they were purchased and you would be able to find ones similar from costco,as for more high quality and flavorful ones they would have to be purchased at expensive pattisieries.