Review: Waddle over to Duck Donuts!


Nikki Sajja

A variety of fluffy Duck Donuts.

Over this weekend, my friends and I took a road trip to King of Prussia for a taste of Duck Donuts. A 30 minute trip might seem a little excessive for just a treat, but these warm donuts were so worth the drive. 

The menu had almost every donut you could think of, so it was difficult narrowing down just 3 to try. After careful consideration, I chose cinnamon sugar, s’mores, and oreo. 

Cinnamon Sugar: 10/10

This donut offered everything I could possibly want in a donut. The warm cinnamon exterior, the fluffy dough interior, everything about it was perfect to me. The first bite completely melted in my mouth and had the perfect cinnamon to cake ratio. This may seem a bit exaggerated, but this truly was the best donut I’ve tasted in a long time. Though a simple option, I was very content with it and it had just the right amount of sweetness. 

S’mores: 6/10

This donut definitely did taste like a s’more in donut form. With the graham cracker sprinkling, chocolate icing, and marshmallow drizzle, it hit all of the s’more key components. Although I do like a good s’more, this donut was a little too sweet for my liking. I enjoyed the marshmallow drizzle, but felt it was overpowered by the other aspects. If you like a sweet, chocolatey donut, this donut is for you!

Oreo: 8.5/10

The vanilla icing paired with oreo cookie crumbs on this donut truly made me feel like I was biting into an actual oreo. I was worried this donut would also be too sweet for me, but the cookie crumbs really helped to balance out the initial sweetness of the icing. While I’m not the biggest fan of regular oreos, I surprisingly enjoyed this donut and would likely order it again. If you love cookies and cream, you will love this donut. 

Overall, my trip to Duck Donuts was a success. Every donut I tasted was so soft and warm, given that they are freshly made right after you order. They were generally crafted very well and I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I will definitely be ‘waddling’  back to Duck Donuts in the near future, and you should too!