North Penn’s Brumbaugh joins roster of ‘Jeopardy!’ guest hosts


Lirpa Loof

This… is… Brumbaugh! Sam Brumbaugh’s NPTV fame has led him to California and the set of Jeopardy!

BURBANK, CA- This…is…Jeopardy!

With the booming voice of Johnny Gilbert echoing throughout the Burbank studio, that intro is the most famous phrase in television trivia history. But Jeopardy may soon be getting a makeover. Before we know it, “betcha didn’t know that, now you do” could very well be a household phrase.

For over 15 years, North Penn High School’s Mr. Sam Brumbaugh has used those very words to educate thousands of students through his “Brumbaugh Challenge” segment on Mornings. He has covered everything from the first Instagram post to which President wore a lock of Abraham Lincoln’s hair in a ring.

Studio executives have taken notice.

Since Alex Trebek’s final episode of Jeopardy! aired on January 8, 2021, there have been a series of guest hosts, such as Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings, Executive Producer Mike Richards, and journalist Katie Couric, with talents such as Anderson Cooper and Aaron Rodgers to host in the coming weeks. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly difficult for educators across the country, Jeopardy! set out to find a teacher that they believe possesses the skills to join the list of guest hosts. The team scoured the country, finding teachers who were involved in any type of extracurricular trivia activity, and also accepted nominations from fellow teachers and students. After stumbling across the very first Mornings from December 21, 2005, which started Brumbaugh’s 15-year plus trivia career, the team chose Brumbaugh as one of their ten teacher finalists.

“I have been a fan of Jeopardy since it began with Alex Trebek back in 1984. To be included in this select group of people helping to find his successor is…to say I feel honored does not begin to describe it,” Brumbaugh said. “I can’t wait to step out from behind the Brumbaugh challenge podium and behind the Jeopardy! lectern.”

In a Knight Crier exclusive, Brumbaugh shared that he has a few North Penn-inspired categories that he pitched to the team of clue writers; “A ‘Nichol’ For Your Thoughts, “Teachers named Young”, and “From A to K,” and “Home Offices.”

In late January, Brumbaugh, like the other nine finalists, had Zoom interviews with Jeopardy! producers, and, in mid-March, was informed that he was chosen to guest host two weeks’ worth of episodes! Brumbaugh will fly to Los Angeles over North Penn’s spring break and spend two days taping his episodes. They will air at currently undetermined dates, likely in late May or early June. 

Stay tuned to The Knight Crier for information about a COVID-safe viewing party of Brumbaugh’s episodes.