No Sports? Time to relive the greatest moments in sports history


Prasham Jobanputra

With no live games to be watched, it's time to look back to some of the most iconic moments in sports with these classic games.

Sports fans might be going crazy right now without sporting events on TV, no basketball, no baseball, no college sports, not even golf.  But, the leagues and their television programs have put out plenty of classic games to watch on television, youtube, twitter etc.  Honestly, at least for me, it’s kinda overwhelming how many games there are to watch online.  So here are my choices for best classic games to watch during social distancing, in no particular order.  It’s important to note that there are new games coming out everyday so check youtube for the latest.

Jordan’s Double Nickel

In only his game 5th game back in the league, Michael Jordan showed the basketball world he was still the same cold-blooded assassin from before his stint in baseball.  Jordan scored 55 in the historic Madison Square Garden against the Patrick Ewing Knicks.  This is a good game to watch for those who were not around to watch Jordan because his skills were on full display right from the start with his signature ball fake, his finishing skills, his post moves, and of course that pretty jump shot.

The 1999 Mid-Summer Classic

The All-Star game from the summer of 1999 didn’t go to extras or have a walk-off home run but the event is iconic.  Prior to the game, baseball legends graced the most historic stadium in history, Fenway Park, as a part of the century team.  It was a great ceremony capped off by the greatest hitter of all time, Ted Williams riding around the field he once played on.  It really was just a time to sit back and just take it in all in because that might be the greatest collection of baseball players on one field ever.

The Tuck Rule Game

The game that probably started the hate towards the Patriots and especially Brady.  After Charles Woodson forced a “fumble” and the Raiders recovered it, the game looked sealed with the Raiders to play in the AFC championship game.  However, after review the refs decided it was not a fumble because Brady was throwing the ball.  We all know that’s not the case and that he was tucking the ball to scramble with it.  The Patriots sent the game to overtime and ended up winning in a very controversial game.  And another reason to watch this game, who doesn’t love some football in the snow?

Luis Gonzalez delivers Arizona a championship

Game 7 of the 2001 World Series was a great pitchers’ duel as the Yankees sent Roger Clemens to the mound while the Diamondbacks gave the ball to Curt Schilling.  And to make it even better, Randy Johnson entered the game later.  The Yankees took a 2-1 lead into the 9th inning and it looked over when Mariano Rivera came in to close it down but it was the Diamondbacks who held up the trophy at the end as they tied the game and won it in the 9th.

Boone sends the Yankees to the WS

Much like the game above, this game was a pitchers’ duel between Pedro Martinez and Roger Clemens, but even before this classic ALCS Game 7, a lot had happened in the series.  In game 3 there was a huge brawl in Fenway Park that led to Martinez throwing a 72-year old Don Zimmer to the ground.  So tensions were definitely high in the Red Sox vs Yankees rivalry.  This game went to extras and in the bottom of the 11th, Aaron Boone became a hero in the Bronx with a walk-off homer.

Brady vs Manning

Two of the game’s best met up in the 2006 AFC championship game where the rivalry of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning reached possibly its height with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.  And to add even more excitement to the game, it was high scoring and close with a final score of 38-34.  It truly is a classic game between two legends.

Phillies vs Rays Game 5 2008

This series didn’t go to game 7 and was wrapped up in 5 games, but game 5 had some exciting parts to it.  Cole Hamels was on the mound for the Phillies and he could not be touched in October of 2008 as he was just dominating opposing batters.  But then, not only did the rain start to come down, but it came down hard as the infield started to puddle up.  Not many could use the conditions to their advantage but Rays centerfielder, B.J. Upton used it to his benefit as he reached base on a play that Jimmy Rollins usually would make under normal conditions.  Then he swiped second base even with the soaked infield dirt and eventually scored to tie the game.  After that, the game was suspended until two nights later, where the game was resumed.  The scenario became, who could win a three and half inning game and it was the Phillies who were victorious as they captured a World Series title.

Packers vs Cardinals 2009

This is the highest scoring game in playoff history and to make it even better, the game went to overtime.  It was a great battle between two great quarterbacks as Kurt Warner and Aaron Rodgers combined for 9 touchdowns and 802 yards of passing offense with the final score of 51-46.

Giants spoil Patriots undefeated season

Tom Brady will be a common theme on this list, but it’s understandable when he’s been in nine Super Bowls.  However, this game saw the other quarterback lead the magical game winning drive.  Up against the Patriots dynasty, who were 18-0 heading into Super Bowl XLII, the New York Giants kept the game low scoring and it was Eli Manning holding up the Lombardi Trophy in the end.  And of course, it was set up by the iconic David Tyree catch.

Miracle at the Meadowlands II

The Giants and the Eagles have provided some great games but this one was on another level.  First of all, both teams, in Week 15 of 2010, were clicking offensively as they combined for 69 points, but the Eagles had to comeback from a 21-point 4th quarter deficit.  Mike Vick turned back the clock to get the Eagles back into it, and then DeSean Jackson returned the most improbable of punts to win the game, and made sure everyone knew it before crossing into the end zone.

“We will see you tomorrow night” II

The Rangers were one strike away from a World Series title twice in game 6 of the 2011 World Series.  But the Cardinals somehow found a way to battle back and win this extra inning game, thanks in most part to the heroics of David Freese who tied the game in the 9th inning with a 2-run triple and then a walk-off home run to force a game 7 where the Cardinals won.

“Rebound Bosh, back out to Allen, his three-pointer…BANG”

Just the fact that it’s the Spurs dynasty up against the Big Three Heat makes it an entertaining game.  With the Spurs up 3 games to 2 and up by 10 to begin the 4th quarter, the Heat needed their best guy to be just that.  And he delivered, as LeBron James went on a 4th quarter tear by scoring 16 and getting 2 assists to bring the Heat back.  But on the final possession, the Heat were down by three and after a missed three from LeBron, Chris Bosh came up with a clutch rebound and kicked it out to the near corner where Ray Allen was.  Allen knocked down one of the most clutch baskets ever to send the game to overtime where the Heat won and eventually won the Finals.

The final chapter in the legend of Derek Jeter

The captain, number two, and legend, all ways to describe Derek Jeter.  In his final home game of his career, everyone wanted just one more magic moment from Jeter and he surely delivered with a walk-off single to cap off a historic career.

Packers vs Cardinals 2015 Divisional Round

It’s hard to believe, cause it doesn’t seem too long ago, but this game happened five years ago.  The Packers and Cardinals met up in the 2015 divisional round and what an ending it was in Arizona.  The Hail Mary King, Aaron Rodgers, had to work his magic twice on the last possession of regulation as he connected to Jeff Janis for a 60-yard pass and then again to Janis on a 41-yard Hail Mary to send to game to overtime.  Overtime didn’t last long however as Larry Fitzgerald took over and led the Cardinals to victory.

Cubs break the curse

After 108 years without a World Series championship, the Cubs finally broke the curse by winning the 2016 World Series.  But it was hard fought all the way through the end as the series went to 7 games and game 7 went to extra innings after a Rajai Davis home run to tie the game in the bottom of the eighth.  There are also a lot of exciting players in this game such as Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Alrodis Chapman, Francisco Lindor, and Corey Kluber.

28-3 comeback in Super Bowl 51

I’m among all the NFL fans that can’t stand Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots.  But, this game was pretty incredible.  The Falcons flew high, putting on an offensive show in the first 36 minutes and 29 seconds of the game.  But then defensive genius of Belichick, along with the legend of the most clutch athlete of all-time in Brady, the Patriots somehow came all the way back to win the first Super Bowl game that went to overtime.  Plenty of great plays too, from Julian Edelman’s incredible catch just inches off the grass to Julio Jones’s sideline toe drag.

Super Bowl LII

Of course this is a great game for me and many of you as Eagles fans, but even if you’re not a Philly fan this is an exciting game to rewatch.  The magic of Nick Foles up against the legend of Tom Brady and it was shootout as the game set the record for most yards in a game.  Plenty of big plays down the field and the best play of course coming from the 1-yard line.  Philly Philly!

18 innings in LA

This is a world series game that went for 7 and a half hours in Dodgers Stadium between the Dodgers and Red Sox with some pretty incredible performances.  Nathan Eovaldi might have been the losing pitcher after giving up a walk-off homer to Max Muncy, but it was no secret how well Eovaldi pitched as he threw 6 innings out of the bullpen to keep the Red Sox in it.