Promposal ideas: most creative ways to ask your date


Prom season is upon us, and along with the dressing up, flowers, and pictures, promposals are always highly anticipated around this time. There is a lot of pressure put on boys, and girls, to come up with a creative and new way to ask their dates to prom. Pinterest and VSCO can create high standards for these gestures, but there are so many good ideas out there that are not expensive but still genuine and sweet.

A simple cute poster can be the way to go. Using bright colored markers or construction paper, you can make a homemade sign with a funny saying on it. Think about what you and your date have in common, or what they like. If they play sports, you can have that be the theme of the promposal. Here are some examples of cute things you can write on the poster, the possibilities are endless.


  • “Can I STEAL you for prom?” on a poster shaped like homebase
  • “It would be a HOMERUN if you went to prom with me!”
  • “We would be GOALS at prom!”
  • “Let’s have a BALL at prom!”
  • During swimming practice, hold a sign that says “prom?” under the water as they swim laps
  • “This question has been RUNNING through my mind, Prom?”
  • “I want to TACKLE prom with you, so I wanted to O-FISH-ALLY ask you.. Will you take the BAIT and be my date?” with a tackle box filled with gummy worms and sharks


  • “Do you want to ROLL with me to prom?” with sushi
  • “I know this is CHEESY, but prom?” with pizza
  • “Let’s TACO bout prom” with tacos
  • “I’d be one lucky NUGGET if you’d go to prom with me” with chicken nuggets
  • “Please DONUT say no to prom with me” with a dozen donuts
  • “What’s the PASTAbility you’d go to prom with me?” with a plate of spaghetti
  • “Be a SMARTIE and take this DUM DUM to prom!” with Smarties and Dum Dums
  • “Hey cu-TEA, will you go to prom with me?” with a gallon of iced tea
  • “I CANNOLI ask one person to prom so…” with cannolis
  • “I am nervous, but I am just going to WING it, will you go to prom with me?” with chicken wings
  • “Will you be my CHICK at prom?” with Chick-fil-a

Movies and TV Shows:

  • “1000 points to hufflepuff if you say yes to prom!” from Harry Potter
  • “Are you UP for prom?” from UP
  • “The one where ____ goes to prom with me.” from Friends
  • “You make me happier than pretzel day, Prom?” From The Office. (Spell out PROM with pretzels and print out a picture of Stanley’s face.)
  • “Prom would be MARVELlous with you!” from the Marvel movies.
  • “___, will you accept the rose… to prom?” from the Bachelor. (Give her a single red rose like in the TV show.)
  • “You don’t have a prom date? FALSE, you do now!” from The Office.
  • “FACT. Nothing could BEET prom with you, I’d be de-wight-ed if you said yes.” from The Office.

There are other non-conventional ways to ask your date to prom. Instead of a poster, you can write with window marker on their car, chalk on the sidewalk, or even use a fast food restaurants sign to spell it out.

Prom season is such a fun time, and a time you will remember for the rest of your life. Make it special and use one of these ideas or another one to ask your date in an unique way. Have a blast at prom!