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Online News Day or Knight - Official news site of North Penn High School - 1340 Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA

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Wait! You’re going to prom like that?

Raquel Lugo
The necessities for a perfect junior prom!

People each year are getting more and more lazy, and more and more careless. With junior prom just around the corner, here are a few etiquette/attire guidelines. 

#1: Punctuality. No one likes a late date, especially if it is your significant other. Be sure to be on time (and maybe even early) to ensure everyone stays happy during that night. Prom is supposed to be a fun and thought-free night; make sure it stays that way.

#2: Respect. Respecting the people around you is always important to keep in mind. If it is to your date, make sure to compliment them. If speaking to parents, be polite and proper, don’t use slang terms. To volunteers at the dance, remember they are volunteers. They are being kind, so be kind back.

#3: Dinner. Food is never good at these events, so a dinner will prevent unhappy stomachs. It doesn’t have to be over the top, but it will show some compassion towards the people you are with. Plus, who doesn’t love food before a long, tiring night?

#4: Flowers. It is a classic tradition to bring flowers for your date. Again, it does not have to be super expensive, just something to express the excitement in the air. The date will feel that you care and want to be there instead of an obligation. 

#5: No jeans. Jeans are in no way formal wear. They are very careless to wear. Instead, a suit will make you look sharp and professional. It is supposed to be fun, but there is still a dress code we should follow, especially to look more mature.

#6: Hair. Always, always do your hair, it looks messy if you do not. Everyone in pictures and in front of others wants to look neat and proper. Putting in the effort for your hair is just as important as the clothes. As well as looking balanced. If your outfit and shoes are nice, so should your hair. 

#7: Match your date. You both will look silly if you guys are wearing opposite colors or styles. Communicate beforehand about texture, style, color, and cuts with your partner, so both know exactly what to get and when. Miscommunication is the reason why most couples do not match with one another. 

#8: Check up on friends throughout the night. It can get crazy at prom, so knowing your friends are safe and okay is extremely important. It can just be a quick check to see where they are or an “Are you okay” text message. No one wants someone to get hurt; its better to be safe than sorry.

#9: Open the doors. It is a simple act of chivalry. It is a sweet move to make to prove that you care about the person you are taking out. It shows you do not want them doing a lot of work, or ruining their look, and it is the easiest thing to do.

#10: Compliments. Everyone loves a good compliment. Especially if you want to be there, you have to show that. It will make your date feel appreciated and wanted there. People do not get compliments everyday anymore and you never know if they’ve never gotten one before.

Junior prom is on April 13th, which is this Saturday. Here’s a reminder to be careful and safe, and to have a great time. Dance the night away, but remember, there is a proper way to act and look and prom, follow the rules.

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    Willa MaglandApr 15, 2024 at 8:31 pm

    Thank you for these great reminders 😊