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Delphin Monga, graduate from the class of 2016, recalls his experience of moving from Uganda to the United States. Monga is now flourishing at Goshen College, where he studies Biochemistry, and continues his career in running.

Alumni Spotlight: Delphin Monga recalls move to United States

Delphin Monga is not the average North Penn alumnus. Monga was born in Uganda and didn’t come to the United States until he was 15 years old in May of 2013. Adapting to the culture and making new friends was hard, but catching up with everyone academically was even harder. North Penn offered a variety of options for Monga.

“I was given the opportunity to take ESL classes, and I was able to test out of the class,” said Monga.

Overcoming the challenges of moving to an entirely new country more than halfway through his childhood, Monga graduated in the class of 2016. At Goshen College in Indiana, he is majoring in Biochemistry, so he can follow his dreams of going into Pre-Med. Monga was also a top runner for North Penn’s Cross Country team and is continuing his running career at the collegiate level.

Favorite Part about College: “My favorite part of college is going to classes and meeting up with new people. Also, I like working to keep up good grades and running cross country. Cross Country is such a time commitment. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with the team outside of running, because I try to manage my time equally between running and school work.”

What do you miss most about North Penn? “I miss all my friends and my teachers, especially Mr. Huston, my old math teacher, and Mr. Bauman, my old physics teacher. Also, I miss walking through the crowded hallways and going to the football games on Fridays. Lastly, I miss my counselor and all the support I got from my home office, E112, last year.”

Advice for high schoolers: “My advice to high schoolers is to listen to your teachers and actually try your best. You shouldn’t wait to start trying, even if you are a sophomore. That’s a good time to work hard and maintain good grades, which will easily boost your GPA. Keeping up good grades now is good, because in college you don’t have the support you have in high school. Participating in school activities and also showing motivation in class is good. Being recognized by your teachers is something you should strive to do as a high schooler. This makes it easier for teachers to write good recommendations.”

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