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Knights next quest: Tori Miller

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What made you not want to go to college? College was just never really for me. All I would want to go for is the “college experience” but other than that I would probably just have anxiety. Even when I was a kid I never saw myself going. 

How was your experience at the North Montco Tech school? Tech school was always the best part of my day, it’s like two hours of doing whatever you want and getting to talk and do something stupid with friends, it was great. I also can’t sit still so being able to walk around and make things was so nice.

What are your academic/career aspirations? I’ve been taking flying lessons for a little over a year and I would like to keep going and learn more about being a pilot. I’ve also always wanted to travel so that’s like a two-in-one. 

What are you most excited for next year? I’m generally terrified for next year. Everything’s going to change while everyone else is off at college, but with that change I know I’ll learn to grow into a new person and find new opportunities and experiences for myself. 

What is your favorite North Penn memory? I really can’t pinpoint one moment. Maybe when I finished one of my carpentry projects that we worked all year on and I just took a step back and admired all the work, and then shoved it in everyone’s faces how it was better than theirs.

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