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Knights next quest: Faith Noll

What schools did you apply to?

I applied to Drexel, Jefferson, Temple, and Pitt.

What school did you commit to and why?

I committed to Temple because I wanted to be in the city and because it has great research opportunities. I also want to be close to the great hospitals in the Philadelphia area to get experience. 

What are your academic/career aspirations?

I currently want to be a physician assistant but I’m still debating medical school. I have to see how life plays out but my end career aspiration is to provide care for mental health-related patients in a kind physiatrist way. As a doctor and researcher, I want to deal with the treatment of mental related patients more ethically and kindly. I also want to research more beneficial treatment plans for patients with eating disorders to make recovery lifelong. 

What are you most excited for next year?

I’m so excited to be in the city and meet new people. I want to start an undergrad research paper on something psychology related!

What is your favorite North Penn memory?

My favorite North Penn memory was definitely my years playing field hockey. It definitely had ups and downs but overall I will miss the hours in the summer on the turf, the weird tan lines, and most of all, all the friends I made.

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