For Mrs. Meghan Schoppe, career change a matter of principal

Mrs. Megan Schoppe is taking charge at North Penn High School in her new full time role.

Nina Walls

Mrs. Megan Schoppe is taking charge at North Penn High School in her new full time role.

After teaching for 26 years, North Penn High School’s Mrs. Meghan Schoppe decided it was not too late for a big change.

In late June, Schoppe officially took and open Assistant Principal job, after having substituted in the role from September through December two years ago.

Schoppe graduated with a bachelor’s degree in special education at Bloomsburg University, a master’s in educational leadership from Gratz College, and got her administrative certificate from Delaware Valley. Then she got a job as a special ed teacher, which was in the making since her childhood.

“When I was little, my mom ran a summer camp for kids with special needs. When she was running it, I had a lot of exposure to kids that had special needs. I also babysat in high school for a student in high school who had multiple disabilities. That kind of pushed me into that direction,” Mrs. Schoppe said.

This all led her into the next ten years of teaching kids in special education at Pennbrook Middle School. Afterward, Mrs. Schoppe started working at North Penn as the special education department chair for nearly 16 years.

“I really like the North Penn atmosphere. We’re starting to look at moving towards an inclusive place where kids with any background, kids with special ed, students of color, and kids with different sexualities, can be in an open environment,”  Schoppe stated.

She chose to become an assistant principal because she can promote a more diverse environment and support students. Schoppe loves her new job position, meeting new kids, and listening to their problems and ideas about the school. She also loves seeing seniors go through the process of choosing colleges, and jobs, and moving forward with their future plans. During this time, she’s also done a lot to move things to move North Penn High School forward.

“One of the biggest things I’ve done this year is helping to make our school’s goals, working to fix the parking issue, the student hand book, and the student assistance program,” Schoppe said.

Schoppe has been working hard to fix the parking issue, which was very successful. She focuses on the student assistance program, which helps students get counseling or different support outside of North Penn, and she connects these students with the resources they need. She’s also focused on the student handbook and is excited for all the new things to come within the next school year.

“I’d love for students to get involved, and I’m looking forward to a great year with the kids,” Schoppe added.