The Artistic Prodigy: Faith Roberson

Faith Robersons sketchbook, dazzled with drawings from top to bottom.

Nina Walls

Faith Roberson’s sketchbook, dazzled with drawings from top to bottom.

Most people do not think about the behind-the-scenes of movies: the actors with half-done make-up and the freshly painted props and sets. Faith Roberson wants to be there, designing costumes and seeing her work on screen. Faith Roberson has an exceptionally large scope of activities she does. From drawing to painting to ceramics, she does it all.

“I draw. I pretty much do any kind of art, I have oil pastels, ceramics, oil paint, and watercolor. I go through every medium,” Roberson said.

Once Roberson commits to something, she will never step away from it. She has drawn for as long as she can remember, born with the skills of an artist. But it’s not the only thing she’s been doing for a long time.

“I’ve been doing soccer for a while, and recently we’ve played a lot of games,” Roberson stated.

She has played soccer since she was twelve years old. Roberson is ardent about her love for soccer, committed to practices and games that happen several times each week. She loves winning the game, but mostly enjoys the experience of her cleats digging into the dewy grass and kicking the ball. Roberson is entirely self-motivated when it comes to the game, yet her art is inspired by her father.

“He started me with drawing and would always pitch in and be like ‘Maybe if you try this, it might look cooler.’ We’ve always had this partnership,” Roberson added.

Roberson’s dad has always been an artist but has never thought of it as anything more than a hobby, unlike his daughter. He introduced her to it, exchanged art with her, and was surpassed by her. The two are constantly competing over who is the better artist. But while her dad started her drawing, she found costume design entirely on her own.

“Once I started family and consumer science, I really liked it,” She expressed, “I’ve had lots of family that have worked as seamstresses.”

Roberson wants to go into costume design. She is passionate about making clothes specifically for horror movies, intricately creating bloody and monstrous costumes. Although, she didn’t start like this. Before she took the class, family and consumer science, she didn’t like things like sewing and making clothes. Now, thanks to the class, she’s ready to have it as her career.

“I want to make costumes for movies and see them on screen,” She exclaimed.

Faith Roberson is an exceptionally talented and witty artist, with a big future ahead of her. One day, she plans to show everyone her works on screen, alive with her passion for the art.