Tanis in her element with Chem Club

Lighting up her future - Melanie Tanis works on a chem experiment during the 2019-2020 school year in Chemistry Club at NPHS

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Lighting up her future – Melanie Tanis works on a chem experiment during the 2019-2020 school year in Chemistry Club at NPHS

Up in room K231 at North Penn High school, Mr. Chris King’s chemistry room, one will find Melanie Tanis completely at home. Currently the President of North Penn’s chemistry club, Tanis has shown incredible dedication and resourcefulness during her time with the group, which goes beyond the science of chemistry. 

“I’ve been involved in the club since sophomore year, when the founder of the club, Eric Sarbacker, was President,” Tanis explains, “Along with the help of Mr. King, our advisor, and my incredible cabinet, we organize experiments, offer tutoring sessions, and plan trips in order to learn more about chemistry.”

With extraordinary circumstances this year, the chemistry club has faced quite a few challenges thus far.

“In order to keep up with our traditional club activities, members of our cabinet visit Mr King’s room after school to perform and record experiments. This allows us to give our new members an idea of some of the activities we typically do in the lab,”  Tanis goes on, “We are continuing our tutoring program virtually. But hopefully, once we go back to hybrid, we can get some members back in the chemistry room to do what we all love.”

Tanis shares an obvious love for science and the world around her. Since her time spent doing her favorite chemical experiments has been cut short due to COVID-19, she has found new ways to keep busy while appreciating her love for science. Although it’s not all about chemistry, Tanis serves a model for those interested in the club, by encouraging them to take their love of science, and mold it into new hobbies. 

“I’ve started to practice upcycling! Not only does it add some love to old items, but it’s very good for the environment. I also enjoy photography since it allows me to capture so many beautiful places in nature,” Tanis stated

For Tanis, the chemistry club has not only made her time at North Penn memorable, but helped inspire her for a future career.

“After North Penn, I plan on getting a degree in biochemistry, with a masters in forensic science and law. The dream is to combine my love for chemistry and photography by working on the FBI’s evidence response team,” Tanis explained. 

Overall, Tanis’ unwavering commitment to the club she loves serves as an inspiration to us all. Without her resilient work ethic and enthusiastic perspective, the chemistry club wouldn’t be the success it is today.

“I couldn’t have done this without the hard work of my cabinet and Mr. King. Their passion for the club helps drive me to continue to do what I love,” Tanis concluded.