Nature to moon us on Halloween


Have you ever heard that old saying, “that only happens once in a Blue Moon?” Well, Halloween is coming up and this year, there is a spooky surprise of exactly that – a Blue Moon! 

A Blue Moon is the second full moon of a month, and has not occurred on Halloween since 1944, so for many people in the North Penn High School community, this has never happened in their lifetime. The month of October has a special name for a full moon, Hunter’s Moon. That makes the technical name of the moon on Halloween a Blue Hunter’s Moon. Even though it wasn’t a Blue Moon, the last full moon on Halloween was in 2001. So if you are in high school right now, you most likely haven’t even seen a full moon on Halloween. Enjoy it while it lasts, because the next full moon on Halloween will not happen until 2039!

Along with the Blue Moon on Halloween, there is also the  daylight savings time change. So, Fall Back! Well, that is if you live in a state that participates in daylight savings time. The states that don’t participate in Daylight Savings Time are Arizona, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, which isn’t a US state but is a US territory. Technically DST flips at 2:00 am on the 1st of November, but it is still the night of Halloween.

So, while 2020 may be cramping our style this Halloween, nature is certainly still fully at play. Maybe that full moon is a beacon of light for the future, or, well… maybe it’s just a moon Either way, enjoy it – after all, it only happens once in a blue moon.