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Sam Coleman is off to Kutztown – she plans to become a teacher.

Behind the Choice: Sam Coleman

College: Kutztown University

Major: Early Childhood Education

Why did you pick your major?

I picked my major because ever since I took child development sophomore year, I have loved working with kids and helping them learn. I want to help kids learn in my future because of how happy it makes me.

Plans for after college: I want to get certified to teach Pre-k through 4th grade and hopefully return to teach at North Penn School District.

What was your college process like?

I started looking for colleges the summer going into senior year. I visited the University of Delaware first, but it didn’t really feel like home there. I then visited West Chester and that didn’t really fit my kind of style either. Then I traveled to Stevenson College. I thought it was a nice college but I wasn’t too fond of the out of state. Next, I visited Kutztown and I thought it was a pretty nice school. I applied to Kutztown, Stevenson, and West Chester. 

When I visited Kutztown again I started to have a feel for that college and I loved it, but I still wanted to keep my eyes open. I got an acceptance letter from Stevenson, West Chester, and Kutztown. Kutztown was hosting another open house and I decided to go. This was my 4th time going to Kutztown’s campus. After that day, I committed because I really felt like I was at home, it was not far from home, the professors and students were so nice and helpful, I just thought, wow, this is my second home for sure! That day, at Kutztown, I talked with one of the early ed professors and she told me that they have connections with Central Bucks and North Penn district areas and that’s one of my deciding factors. Yes, I want to come back to either North Penn or somewhere around here to teach hopefully! North Penn is such an awesome district (experiencing kindergarten in North Penn) I wanted to come back here to teach. Also, I [have to] get certified for ESL. That is english [as a] second language, and it helps kids who don’t know english very well to learn in school with kids who speak english! Kutztown provides some things I need for that also so I was excited! All the people at Kutztown really make you enjoy the time you’re there and I’m very excited to start in the fall!

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