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Pelletier is off to Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio to study music education.

Behind the Choice: Evan Pelletier

College: Baldwin Wallace University

Major: Music Education

Plans for after college: I want to go to graduate school for Oboe Performance. After that, I want to perform in a major orchestra and then become a college professor or music teacher.

Why did you pick your major?

I picked music education because I have always had a passion for music and I have always wanted to pass on my passion for music to kids, even if they do not want to pursue it.

What was your college process like?

The first time I ever looked at colleges was my sophomore year where I visited the Kimmel Center for a performance and there were several college stands around the lobby area. I first wasn’t really interested and I was nervous to ask questions. My original colleges I wanted to apply to were the big, well-known colleges and one in particular was the University of Alabama. I was obsessed with that school for quite some time as well as the usual Temple, West Chester, and Penn State. But when I visited these schools, I didn’t really like big schools anymore. I felt like being a music major, I would want a lot of attention and equal time from my professor and a big school wouldn’t let me do that. I felt like a smaller school, having a smaller oboe studio would also give me a lot of first parts to play and more attention towards each individual.

I ended up visiting Temple University, West Chester University, Penn State, Elizabethtown College, Ithaca College, Duquesne University, Gettysburg College, Appalachian State University, Depauw University, and Baldwin Wallace University. I applied to Duquesne University, Gettysburg College, Ithaca College, Appalachian State University, Depauw University, and Baldwin Wallace University. I was fortunate to get accepted to a few schools academically first. But, I had to do a separate audition to get into the school of music. The auditions were scary for me because I prepared the hardest piece I ever played up to that point on oboe which was the Ralph Vaughan Williams oboe concerto, and it was only the first movement, which had everything from slow melodic phrases to fast articulations. Then, I had to do an interview at each school with the professors of music education. They asked me about my high school music career and they answered all the questions I had prepared for them. Each school accepted me into their music program because oboe students are sometimes hard to come by.

Important factors that lead to my decision were the experience I had while there, how awesome the students and professors were, the opportunities outside of school, the outside environment, and money. Every school had their pros and cons. But, Baldwin Wallace University stood out to me. What is kind of ironic was that I was coming from Depauw University which was in Indiana and this college was “along the way” home in Ohio. I told some people behind me that this was my last choice. I was just auditioning for the fun of it. But, it completely blew my expectations out the window. Every person was so nice to me, the overall vibe of the music program was so comforting and supportive, the professors were all nice, and when I got accepted, they offered me a full tuition scholarship to go there. I had my decision finalized when I talked to the oboe professor – the funniest, nicest guy I ever met. He’s also very accomplished and his teaching style fits my vision of an ideal professor. The school has so many opportunities, a fully undergraduate conservatory, a vintage school, and an overall fantastic atmosphere. The process impacted me in such a way; I didn’t expect that I was going to go to a school smaller than North Penn in the beginning. It made me realize that I’m going to benefit more musically out of a smaller school where I can make new friends and I’ll get to see them all the time. I’ll also be able to familiarize myself to the professors and future colleagues while I’m there. I am really excited for this college experience and I am so happy that Baldwin Wallace University is my home for the next four years.

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