Masks to benefit Manna on Main Street


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Masks for a Good Cause: Carley Adams, a senior at North Penn High School, is making masks in exchange for donations to Manna on Main Street.

A couple weeks ago, Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf, addressed the people of Pennsylvania and recommended that if anyone is to leave their house, that they should wear a mask.  This caused a lot of people to start making masks in order to kill some time in quarantine, while also making a tool that may slow down the spread of the virus.  A senior at North Penn High School, Carley Adams, has been making masks to not only kill time, but also to support a good cause.

Adams has been selling masks to help fight the coronavirus, but she isn’t keeping the revenue.  Instead she is asking for people who order masks from her, to donate to Manna on Main Street, a local food pantry.  Manna on Main Street has had high demand recently because of the virus and its economic effects that has led to unemployment.  As of now, Adams has raised over $1,500 and climbing, and she will be donating money in the coming weeks.

“I decided to donate the money because I knew a lot of people were going to be struggling during this time and even after.  I know other people needed the help more than I do,” Adams explained.

Prasham Jobanputra
Hard at Work: Once her schoolwork is done, Adams works on making masks for the rest of the day.

This whole business for Adams started when a family asked her to make protective masks since Adams had taken a sewing class as a child at the Lansdale YMCA.  And looking back, that class has definitely come in handy for her.

“My parents both worked full time when I was little so I’d go to the YMCA during the day, and kindergarten in the afternoon.  Already being involved there, they would enroll me in classes like sewing, dance, and sports.  In the sewing class, we just learned the basics of how to sew and worked on small projects,” Adams said.

With students trying to find anyway possible to kill time while in quarantine, Adams has not only found a way to keep her busy, but maybe even too busy.

“I basically wake up in the morning, get my school work out of the way, and then start masks.  My mom cuts fabric while I sew.  On a good day we can put out almost 40 masks.  The masks have been a really good way for me to pass time and distract myself, while doing something that makes me feel good.  I knew the virus could take our senior year, but I wasn’t about to let it take my ability to make a change,” Adams said.

If you would like to help Manna on Main Street all she is asking for is any donation to the cause through Paypal, Venmo, check, and cash.  To contact Adams, you can text her mom how many masks you want along with how many male, female, and kid sizes are needed.  The number to text is 267-474-9237.  The family is delivering in the North Penn area by dropping packages in mail boxes.  They are also shipping packages out and having people pick the masks up.