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Amelia Eshraghi poses for a picture

Alumni Spotlight: Amelia Eshraghi

Prior to graduating North Penn in 2018, Amelia Eshraghi had a strong passion for engineering. Now, she has taken her love for engineering to Penn State University, where she is currently a freshman.

At North Penn, Eshraghi played for the girls soccer team and ran girls winter and spring track and field. She was also a member of the National Honors Society and the Engineering Academy.

Eshraghi took a number of classes offered in the Engineering Academy including Digital Electronics, Principles of Engineering, Intro to Engineering Design, and Computer Integrated Manufacturing. She also took a few AP classes including AP Physics and AP Calculus.

Currently, she is working at Lutron Electronics as a Co-op and is studying electrical engineering.

“I chose electrical engineering because of the Digital Electronics class that I took here at Penn State and fell in love with the material being taught in that class,” mentioned Eshraghi.

In the future, Eshraghi plans to work as an electrical engineer for a company and hopes to pursue her education further in graduate school.

Favorite part about college:

“My favorite part about college was meeting people from all different kinds of backgrounds and ways of life and being able to learn from their experiences. I was fortunate enough to find an amazing group of friends who were always there to support me and helped make my first year of college so memorable.”

Miss most about North Penn:

“I miss meeting up with my friends at 7 am and taking laps around E-pod before the day began.”

Advice to high schoolers:

“Leave your dorm door open as much as you can as it is a great way to meet the people on your floor. You want to make where you live feel like home as much as possible to help with the transition from high school to college. Getting to know the people who live around you will help tremendously, as they will be there for you at 3 am with whatever crisis you may be facing. Enjoy the time you have because college will be the best years of your life.”

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