Morgan Mcclain: student by day, rock star by night

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TOWAMENCIN- You walk to the stage and the crowd stares back at you. You look back at your bandmates and the adrenaline inside you continues to build. You’ve waited so long for this moment to come and it’s finally here: another band performance.

North Penn High School sophomore Morgan Mcclain is just like any other student at North Penn. She wakes up, heads off to school, comes back home, and that routine repeats for the rest of the week until the weekend. But the one difference about her is that she’s in a band called Comic Sans. The name doesn’t really have a big story behind it, though. It’s just one of those names that doesn’t really require much of an explanation because it just seems so self explanatory.

“We just kind of came up with it,” Mcclain said.

Mcclain has been playing music since 7th grade. She can play the guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano.

“I enjoy the creative aspect of it. People don’t need to go by these certain rules to play music, they just do what they want,” said Mcclain.

Music has taken up a large part of Mcclain’s life because of her parents. Both being music lovers, they’ve always influenced her through music.

“They’ve always put it on in the background while driving,” Mcclain recalled.

Mcclain has a love for rock music and she even has the opportunity to perform it with her bandmates in front of other people.

“There’s many different genres within rock. It’s not all the same thing,” Mcclain mentioned.

Mcclain is no stranger to performing. She used to dance, perform at her church, and perform in community plays. But when she started her band, they began performing rock music elsewhere like local festivals. So far, she’s performed 4 times.

“It’s very stressful beforehand making sure you have everything and know how you’re going to get there. But once you’re on stage, it’s the best. It’s showing my passion and what I like to do,” said Mcclain.

Mcclain realized that she wanted to be in a band after she joined a program called School of Rock that allowed her to learn how to play the guitar. They gave her the opportunity to start a band with a couple friends and to have their own performances.

School of Rock offers programs that allow students to explore the world of music. There’s categories for certain bands or genres in which students could learn more about and eventually have the opportunity to perform.

Through this program, Mcclain has met some of her most closest friends in which she hopes to continue spending the rest of her life with.

Mcclain’s best performance was when she attended the Battle of the Bands at a high school in Philadelphia.

“There was a big interactive crowd and we had the freedom of doing what songs we wanted under an 80’s theme,” Mcclain said.

To go about picking the type of songs she and her bandmates want to perform, it depends on if there’s a theme for the show and then they keep that in mind while choosing from their own personal choices.

“Usually each band member picks a song and then if we all approve of it and it matches the guidelines, we put it in,” said Mcclain

The Comic Sans gets more opportunities to perform from the help of School of Rock, her friends, her family, and even from the audience watching her in events.

Mcclain hopes to be in a band even after high school but more as a hobby than a career. Music has left a positive impact on her teenage years and it will most definitely leave an impact on her future.

“I’ve learned that there’s no standards in music—it’s all creative. It’s helped me be more out there and more confident,” said Mcclain.

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