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Delphin Monga is passionate about traveling, as here he enjoys a backpacking adventure in Tucson, Arizona.

Alumni Spotlight: Delphin Monga, Class of 2016

North Penn High School Alumni Delphin Monga remembers his high school days as if they were yesterday. “The rush of trying to beat those buses, morning news, and 9th period,” are just a few memories out of many that Monga will forever cherish. Being a graduate of 2016, Monga is now in his junior year of college. So far, throughout his years in secondary education, he has learned so much from his classmates, professors, and the overall opportunities he was provided.

He currently attends Goshen College, located in Indiana. His future goals include traveling and pursuing a career of becoming a medical doctor.

One-on-one with Delphin Monga:

What were you involved with at North Penn High School?

“I was most known for running cross country and track and field. I was [also] in ESL (English as a Second Language), which I appreciate[d] a lot. The North Penn ESL department prepared me well not only for college, but also to be able to communicate, write, and make friends.”

What do you miss most about North Penn High School?

“Walking in the hallway with hundreds of other students was an amazing experience and I am proud that I was part of this experience. I never thought I would miss those moments of just seeing new faces everyday.”

What is college life like?

“I went to attend Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana. I am now a junior majoring in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry which I have enjoyed. While at Goshen, I have been part of the cross country team for two years and intramural sports. I have enjoyed being part of Goshen College and the community. What I like about my college is the opportunity to develop a close relationship with all my professors and other faculty members, hanging with my friends, and being involved in community activities.”

What do you do outside of school?

“For my life outside school, I usually travel around with some college friends or my family. I enjoy backpacking, hiking, diving, and long walks at the beach, which are what I have mostly done for the past summers. However, this summer (2019), I will be spending time doing intensive internship work at Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, Pennsylvania.”

Do you have any advice for high schoolers?

“My advice for high schoolers is to try and work hard and listen to their teachers. This allows the students to not only maintain good grades, but to also be recognized by their teachers. In addition, being part of sports or other school activities is something I highly recommend for high school students. This helps students to make connections, learn from other students, and for sports, it develops discipline and time management which are good skills and experiences that can be helpful soon after high school. Love and blessing to all my high schoolers, let’s go KNIGHTS!!”

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