Mr. Brian Knaub: Opening the door to real life learning


Marissa Werner

Mr. Brian Knaub has found is flow after almost two decades at North Penn.

TOWAMENCIN – After teaching at North Penn for almost two decades, Mr. Brian Knaub has found his flow in the classroom and with his students. World History, Government, and World Religions keep him busy in school, but his five sons definitely have his attention at home.

With both of his parents being teachers, Knaub grew up around a lot of school work. He originally thought he wanted to become a Physical Education  teacher like his dad, but Cairn University was not certified for that major, so he chose his other love which was history.

“I played basketball, soccer, and baseball at college. I majored in Social Studies and eventually got into teaching,” explained Knaub about attending Cairn University.

Located in Langhorne, PA, he grew to love the area and live there even after college.  

“I moved around a lot when I was younger. I lived in Maryland and Alabama, but I mostly lived in Pennsylvania. I liked the area and got my first job in Bucks County at Plumstead Christian School. I also met my wife who is from Bucks County as well,” said Knaub.

Before coming to E007, Knaub taught junior high at Plumstead for four years teaching history.

In between Plumstead and North Penn, Knaub did a lot of odd jobs and subbed for local school districts. He was subbing a lot at North Penn schools, but it was at Penndale when former Principal Mr. Hinz asked him to take over as a long term sub. The following summer he interviewed for a teaching position at the high school.

“When I was at Plumstead, I taught junior high and that was okay, but I enjoy teaching high school more. I think they are more mature, and I like being able to, especially with teaching world religions and government, talk about current issues and some stuff seniors are dealing with. I feel like they are thinking more about life as they come near the end of high school, and I really like having great conversations with them,” explained Knaub.

Within his classes, there are difficult topics to talk about as well as difficult topics to understand. So when his students grasp a very strong social issue that comes up in class, Knaub feels that rewarding feeling that made him want to teach in the first place.   

“Knowing that I’ve helped them see something in a way they haven’t thought of before, and when I see that they are making actual connections  and using them outside of the classroom, it  is very rewarding,” added Knaub.

Knowing that I’ve helped them see something in a way they haven’t thought of before, and when I see that they are making actual connections and using it outside of the classroom, it  is very rewarding”

— Mr. Knaub

After being around teenagers at school and at home, Knaub has a better understanding of them and can apply it easily in the classroom.  

“One thing I have grown to be able to do is be understanding and relaxed with students. I try to be the teacher that’s not up in your face, but the one who will come along side of you and not yell,” explained Knaub, “I definitely feel like I have improved as a teacher because I have a better understanding of the kids and the subject matter. I still have a lot to learn and a long road ahead of me becoming a great teacher.”

With all of the new technology that has been coming out over the past couple years, it has made a huge impact in schools across the world, especially at North Penn. Knaub doesn’t think it is “something that should take over the classroom,” which differs from some modern ideologies. He is very eager for his students to apply their knowledge in the real world, not in cyberspace.  

When he isn’t teaching about things around the world, his world revolves around his five sons who keep him on his toes.

“I have five boys, the oldest is 22 and married, and I have a 20, 19, 15, and 8 year old. They keep us very busy, and I love hanging with them in the yard playing soccer and volleyball, or just messing around,” answered Knaub.

He is also a very active member in his church and coaches an intramural soccer team for Harleysville. Above all, Knaub would love to travel out West and explore places like California, Montana, and Oregon. 

A teacher passionate about his subjects and his students, Knaub is an integral part of the North Penn community.