In 50th year: The Law of the land

From the Class of ’71 to a class all her own, Linda Law is now in her 50th year as a NPSD employee.


Knight Crier

Golden Girl – Mrs. Linda Law is working as hard as ever in her golden anniversary of her first year at NP. in her 50th year with the district, Law has certainly had a front row seat for the challenges of pandemic era school and athletics.

TOWAMENCIN- 50 years. For reference, 50 years ago was the opening of Disney World in Florida, the Vietnam war was in full swing, India defeated Pakistan in war to free Bangladesh, and finally, one of our own North Penn employees got her start.

This employee is North Penn Athletics Secretary Mrs. Linda Law.

She got her start as a senior in high school in 1971 when she was offered a job to work. What it took to get to the position Law is in now was simply hard work and going through the ranks. She worked in the guidance office, then the main office, then with Jim Finnemeyer in the Student Activities Center,  and now in the athletic office.

“When I was a senior at North Penn High School which is now Penndale, Norman Balchunus was in charge of the business department, and Bill Jacobs who was in charge of the secretarial staff, asked if I would be interested in a position. I applied at Pennfield Junior High School at that time and I was in the guidance office there for quite a few years,” Law explained. “Then I moved to the main office and did attendance and assistant principal’s secretarial work. Then it turned into Pennfield Middle School, and they were shifting things around and the opening came here at the High School so I transferred from Pennfield after 13 years to the High School.”

As far as what kept Law at North Penn for 50 years, the answer was simple. Law just plain enjoys doing her job and being around the students each and every day.

“I enjoy my job, I enjoy working with the students, and I enjoy sports. It’s been a great 50 years; this year has been a little different as we all know,” Law said.

No matter what keeps her coming back, or no matter what job she could have held in these years, 50 years is a long time by any standard. 

Some people say I’m crazy. I just enjoy it, I am here for the kids and that’s the reason I’m here. Students are a priority, I just enjoy working with the students

— Linda Law

“Some people say I’m crazy. I just enjoy it, I am here for the kids and that’s the reason I’m here. Students are a priority, I just enjoy working with the students,” Law stated.

During those 50 years, one of the biggest changes that Law had to face was the transition between athletic directors when long time AD Don Ryan retired in 2015. Luckily, when Bill Bartle stepped in as the athletic director she had already known him from him being a coach. The two directors had different styles, but Law was able to adjust. 

“Working for Doc Ryan for 31 years, then Mr. Bartle stepping up, I knew Mr. Bartle as a coach so far as him stepping in as athletic director, he had some different ideas and we just blended together to work together,” Law explained. “Doc Ryan was from old school so things were done a lot differently when he was here , and with Mr. Bartle there has been so much that has changed since Mr. Ryan retired paperwork wise and different items that have to be done now for Title IX that weren’t done many years ago.”

Outside of her official title, Law also serves as the Key Club director and oversees the memorial garden at Penndale. Although the maintenance staff does a lot of the work, she does take her Key Club members out to pick the weeds and straighten up. Right now, they are preparing for the memorial service at the gardens.

“Maintenance staff is in charge of cutting the grass at the one over at Penndale. My Key Club members and myself will go out there 3 or 4 times a year to pull weeds and straighten it up. Right now we are getting it ready for the Memorial service in May,” Law said. “The district has so kindly donated items this year such as lighting, replacing a tree that has died, and between the district office and school board directors they have been very helpful in maintaining the garden.”

Outside of her job she is a member of the Cannoneers club. This is an organization that supports all sports in the community. Law got her beginning when her husband was the Vice President of the club and it went from there.

“The Cannoneers Club is an organization that supports all types of sports, including baseball, softball, football. My husband is the Vice President of the club in Lansdale so that’s how I initially became a member there and worked there as a cook and a waitress,” Law stated.

Throughout her 50 years at North Penn, certainly she has seen changes in students, but Law also fully respects what kids go through, especially in a year like this one has been. 

“Personality wise, especially this year, they have been a lot more shy than normal. Most of the time the kids are very friendly and very supportive of sports. Sometimes the students have bad days and good days so then they react differently,” Law stated

Law has enjoyed her 50 years and wants to continue to enjoy her time at North Penn for however long remains.

“Thinking about retirement, yes, but I’m not sure when yet. Maybe one more year. I’ll see what happens,” Law said. 

One thing is for certain, whenever she decides to step away, Linda Law will leave many footprints in the history of North Penn.