A Knight in the Castle: Globetrotting Gutsche


World History teacher, Mr. Ryan Gutsche expresses his love for the world both in the classroom and through his travels.

Although most teachers find inspiration to teach from one specific thing-whether it be a book, an experiment, or a song, Mr. Ryan Gutsche, World History teacher, uses multiple resources to enlighten his class about the world. His inspiration comes from many experiences with cultures, travel, food, and more.

“I’ve travelled to Europe and through the Americas. Next on the list, I want to get over to Asia.” stated Gutsche.

As a child, Gutsche spent a lot of time over the summer visiting his grandparents with his mother. Instead of driving over, he had to grab his passport for a trip overseas to his grandparents’ home: Germany. This provided him with an opportunity to soak up information on the many cultures that thrive throughout Europe. Among his favorite things about Europe, Mr. Gutsche specifically mentions architecture.

“Everything here in the United States, although old, only dates back to the 1700s, maybe a little earlier. Over there, they have churches and buildings built in the 1200s that are still functioning.” said Gutsche.

In addition to his grandparents living in Germany, Mr. Gutsche also grew up with an aunt and uncle who were lifers in the Navy. As part of their job, they would move around every couple of years. This posed another opportunity for travel, allowing Gutsche to visit many of the fifty states. In his travels across the U.S. and Europe, he has always placed an emphasis on food.

“Anytime I go somewhere different, I always try to eat at a local diner,” explained Gutsche.

However, diner food is not the only cuisine that suits Mr. Gutsche. He also has an affinity for peculiar foods, including but not limited to: mealworms, scorpion, frog legs, cow tongue, ostrich, alligator, and kangaroo jerky.

Through his past experiences with travel, food, and experiencing cultures from around the world firsthand, it is no surprise that he teaches world history.

“I would say that these experiences are what got me into history in the first place,” expressed Gutsche. “Going everywhere, even in the United States, wherever you are is still the same country, but there are so many local differences.”

As a 2008 North Penn graduate, Gutsche understands the diverse student population of the high school. Even as a student, Gutsche was sure to attend any type of cultural fair hosted at the North Penn. He embraces the diversity at the high school, viewing it as a microcosm of the cultural melting pot that is the United States.

In the classroom, Gutsche works to make his students connect to other cultures and realize that most people around the world are very similar. His experiences and travels help him better understand the world around him, and therefore enhance his ability to teach.

Beyond his teaching goals, Gutsche has one simple wish for future travels: “I would like to hit all of the continents before I die.”