Come on in, The Writer’s House is open


Yamuni Kaijumi

A North Penn High School works on creating a haiku during the first meeting of the Writer’s House, a new club at NPHS.

The Writer’s House officially opened on February 3, 2023 welcoming in creative writers or those who are simply curious. 

The founder, Samirah Rahman, was inspired to start the club because she wanted others to have a writing outlet. She believed the school does a great job in highlighting the sports, theater, and music programs but not so much with students interested in writing. 

The first club meeting was a success with around 30 students attending. 

“I felt that the writing community did not have a proper outlet to showcase their talents. I wanted to create a space in which students interested in writing can share these talents, collaborate on projects, and increase their knowledge on all forms of the art of writing,” Rahman said. 

For Rahman, starting the club was a spontaneous decision. She discussed her ideas with friends and started a cabinet. She says establishing the club was not too difficult however it was time-consuming because Mr. Berger and SGA had to approve it. Overall the process definitely required effort but was manageable. 

“One day after working on something for Troubadour, our school’s art and literature magazine, I realized there was no creative writing club. So, I decided to take initiative and start one. I began by writing out an outline of the purpose of the club and how it would work, detailing meeting events and activities,” Rahman explained. 

For the first meeting, the cabinet and Rahman decided to introduce themselves and have the club members get to know each other through haikus. Writing haikus is a fun, creative, and easy way to have everyone relax and meet new people. After sharing the haikus, they had a suggestion corner where cabinet members ask everyone what they would like to see happening in the club. 

“I believe that this is a good way to encourage involvement in the club and develop activities that people would actually like to do,” Rahman added. 

Some goals the club has for the future include expanding membership and holding larger events such as author visits and poetry slams.  

Rahman encourages others to join the Writers’ House because it is a relaxed club where members interact with a lot of different people and collectively work on their writing, sharing their passion with others. There are no serious commitments and the cabinet put great efforts towards developing activities that are appealing to everyone. And of course, they will always have food!

“I would say the first meeting was definitely a success…It was nice to see so many people come together and express their passion for writing,” Rahman said.