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Bobby Dougherty

What are you involved in? 

“At The North Penn High School, I’m involved with a few activities. I run the Rainbow Alliance as the President for the second year in a row but have been involved with it since 7th grade.  Along with being a part of Link Crew again because I feel like all the Sophomores should feel welcome and have the confidence to know that the school may be big but it’s easy to handle while having an environment they can feel great in and make friends that will hopefully last a lifetime. Lastly, I’m a part of Harmony Theater which is outside of school but important to me because I’ve done it for as long as I can remember. It’s a non-profit organization for adults with all types of disabilities where they can be a part of the performing arts, letting their personalities break through and have a space to share their love for theater with others and other interests.”

What does being on homecoming court mean to you?

“Being on the Homecoming Court means more to me than just a heavy crown sitting upon my head. I think about it and realize I’m not just doing it for me, I’m doing it for every LGBTQ+ kid who doesn’t have a voice. I wanted to run and make the court as me, Bobby Dougherty who has known he was gay for a long time, ever since he was little. Bullied and been through things one wouldn’t have even known. But I was able to come out of that and rise to have people care about me, have society change and see the acceptance in high school as we got older so does the viewpoint we bring. So knowing I can be me at the end of the day while staying true to myself maybe I actually have a chance at the crown is just the thing to show we all have what it takes if we just try.”

One Interesting Fact About You? 

“I think one interesting fact about me that people may not know is that I’m adopted, I had a childhood that is kinda interesting. My life as a little kid was me knowing I wasn’t born into the best home environment, but going into foster care after my parents neglected me shows I can come out of any bad situation and come out with a positive outlook, and move forward with my life. So having both of my Dads in my life makes it amazing as it’s them who raised my sister and I. I’m lucky, like really lucky and fortunate for what this world put out there for me as I can continue to grow and be me at the end of the day.”

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