Ach du lieber- Covid not enough to stop German Club


Milan Varia

Covid or not, the NPHS German Club is still very much up and running, offering new opportunities for all.

TOWAMENCIN – A great way to grow character and accrue knowledge is to encapsulate oneself in new experiences and learn new things about unique people. While a lot may seem lost right now, much can still be gained through immersing into different cultures. North Penn’s German Club provides exactly this through a combination of foreign experience and connection with students. With new ideas and great leadership, members of the club have found ways to adapt and grow with care.   

While it may seem daunting to join a club where everything is completely different culturally, the overall feel is welcoming; a spirit of positivity can be felt. The online club meetings are filled with a variety of events: listening to German music, learning about foreign-exchange students’ experiences in Germany, and exploring Germany in different ways from Terra Clues, a scavenger hunt game based on Google Maps where Germany can be explored.

President Ethan Freiman feels very confident this year. He hasn’t noticed much difference online, and instead realizes that the club is still centered around it’s core beliefs. 

“Our members seem to be very engaged. Every meeting has our German Club members actively doing something to make sure that they all feel like an actual part of a club, especially for those who weren’t yet in the club in person last year,” Freiman said.

Freiman ensures all that they will not only be accounted for, but also be able to participate in activities, no matter how new students may be to the club. Not one person is left behind.

In Normal Times- The German Club participates in the annual NPHS World Cup Soccer Tournament in 2019. (Submitted Photo)

“[I] feel as though the online format has allowed us to become closer to the actual members of the club this year. Through Breakout Rooms and one-on-one experiences with the German Club officers and members, we truly get to know our members on a level that wouldn’t have been possible in years prior,” Frieman added.

While the intimacy and learning experience is elevated, for many, there is one glaring concern. Not knowing anything about the language or the culture might feel very frightening. However, there should be no worries.

“It really is for anyone. In the past I’ve gotten to know some really great students who never took any more German than exploratory in 7th grade. There’s also a lot more to the culture than just language- it’s fascinating to hear how students lived abroad differently to how we do in the US. You definitely don’t need to be in German to be an active member,” Mr. Andrew Baker, German Club Advisor said.

Students may feel as if they are outsiders, but Baker dismisses this and encourages anyone to join. Immersing into the culture is not limited to just the club. Throughout the year, there are challenges members participate in, where students are encouraged to watch German movies, eat German food, watch German sports, and many other things. Each action gains a certain amount of points, which can build up to big prizes towards the end of the school year. The incentive for students lies in the simple fact that they become more open-minded from this.

Afterall, their primary focus is not talking in German or to be German; it is to share the vast and foreign culture and to let it influence students’ lifestyles.


Important Information:

Meetings are on the first Thursday of every month, meaning the next one is December 3rd- Email Herr Baker  or contact Ethan Freiman for Google Meet code. 

Instagram: nphsgermanclub 

Google Classroom code: 24lldqk