NPTV 2k20 PS4 & XBOX1 March Madness Tournament: Week 2 recap


Prasham Jobanputra

Semi-final round play is in the books. Read here for NPTV”s hosted gaming tournament recap.

TOWAMENCIN- Tip off went down in the NPTV 2k20 PS4 & XBOX1 March Madness Tournament quarterfinal round this week as the 16 players who entered in the open invitation bracket announced on North Penn Television’s Friday morning show, “Mornings,” are now down to just 4. The battle of the consoles where 8 Xbox 1 players and 8 Ps4 players look to win out their respective side of the bracket to earn a trip to the championship against the top player on the other respective gaming console is getting closer, but a few more games are left to be played. The results of the NPTV 2k20 March Madness Tournament second round are in with game summaries below.


NPTV 2k20 PS4(Left) & Xbox1(Right) tournament bracket(Updated 4/20/20)


Game I: To kick off the Playstation bracket second round tournament play, Branden Soubik playing as the Lakers tops Ronak Lashkari and his Brooklyn Nets, 98-90. Electing to play as the Lakers for a second straight round, Branden allows another incredible offensive performance by Lebron James, with 22 points and 11 assists in the game, to hoist him to the next round.

“I picked the Lakers the last two round because [the Lakers] have great defense all around. They can lock down every position whenever they want. Also, they have LeBron James who could be considered the best player in the league,”stated Branden.

Game J: The second of two games played in the Playstation bracket, Zayd Richardson tipped off as the Bucks against John Graber’s Clippers. 52 points combined by the hot hands of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Eric Bledsoe catapulted Zayd’s Bucks ahead when it mattered most after being down on the scoreboard at halftime.

“I was down by 12 so I had to make some adjustments to the defense and I started to pressure him a lot with Eric Bledsoe. [Bledsoe] came alive in the second dropping 21 points. The biggest part of the victory was that everyone was contributing on offense and no one was missing. My team shot 60% from the field so that made it a good comeback victory,”said Zayd.

Game K: Opening the quarterfinal round in the Xbox bracket, Michael Carmody with the Lakers as his team of choice,  matched up against Drew Cummando’s Sixers. This was a quick one as a dominating performance by Mike forced Drew to leave the game early by choice, leaving the final score of 47-27 at halftime.

“I think I’m the best player in the tournament. Going into the next round after making my opponent rage quit is confidence boosting and I think I’ll win,”stated Mike.

Game L: With the Sixers as his team of choice, Lucas Kile defeats Joey Leone, 81-75, in the Sunday night matinee following postponement of the game to the weekend due to WiFi implications between players. A quarterfinal victory courtesy of clutch three pointers from the hot hand of Shake Milton as well as an exceptional defensive effort from Matisse Thybulle with 4 steals. The final four is now set, and now two games, four contenders, and one week separate our players and audience from the big dance, the tournament championship.

The semi-final round of the tournament  includes the following match ups:

  • PS4

Game M: Branden Soubik v.s. Zayd Richardson


  • XBOX 1

Game N: Michael Carmody v.s. Lucas Kile


Tune into North Penn Television’s Morning show for more information on the next round match ups and highlights from this week’s games in the NPTV 2k20 PS4 & XBOX1 March Madness Tournament.