Are the Philadelphia Eagles being torn apart?



Eagles have some major decisions to make regarding their roster and coaching staff. Will they be able to produce another Super Bowl contending team?

As everyone knows, Philadelphia fans have quite the reputation for being the rowdiest and most obnoxious fans to exist in the world of the NFL. From climbing light poles to bashing Santa Clause with snowballs during a halftime show, Eagles fans have created quite a reputation for themselves. But what can they say? They are passionate fans. In fact, they are so passionate that many are already looking for their revenge next season, hoping to claim a second super bowl title. However, the Eagle’s future looks questionable, with some major coaching and roster changes already occurring. 

Tuesday, February 14, was a rough day for Eagles fans as they practically watched the pieces that make up their puzzle of a coaching staff go missing. The news was released a little while back that Eagles offensive coordinator, Shane Steichen, was interviewing for the position of head coach for the Indianapolis Colts. After Frank Reich was fired from the position midway through the season, interview lineups began to form, and it is no shock that Steichen was one on the list. Steichen has been coaching in the NFL for 11 years and has proven to be more than sufficient at developing young quarterbacks. Not only has he helped Jalen Hurts flourish, but he also is credited with developing Charges quarterback Justin Herbert. Now after his stellar season with the Eagles, Steichen officially announced that he would be taking a new position as head coach of the Colts. 

As if it isn’t hard enough to find a replacement for your offensive coordinator, Eagles fans received news that the defensive coordinator, Jonathan Gannon, will also be saying farewell to the city of brotherly love. Gannon officially received a five-year contract as head coach for the Arizona Cardinals. Although his play-calling performance during the super bowl certainly wasn’t one of his best, he still is credited with making the Eagle’s defense one of the top-10 ranked defenses in the NFL. This is undoubtedly another tough loss for Philly fans, but now the real question is, who will replace these coordinators, and can they fill the shoes?

The coaching staff is difficult to replace, but so are the players. Especially crucial players such as Miles Sanders and Jason Kelce. After this year’s season running back Miles Sander’s contract is officially up. To many, it may be obvious to re-sign, but many forget the value behind the player. Now that Sanders has built his reputation in the NFL with a total of 1,269 yards this season, placing him as the 5th best running back for this NFL season, Sanders has become a valuable player. With his contract up, Sanders can ask for more money. Unfortunately, with salary caps and many more talented players to pay, if Sanders’ asking price is too high, the Eagles may not have the budget to keep him around for another season. 

Of course, Sanders is an asset to the team, but if his asking price is too high, the Eagles may have to consider if losing him is the best option. Sanders is undoubtedly the best running back on the team, but the Eagles have a roster full of talented running backs. Between Boston Scott and Kenneth Gainwell, the Eagles seem to have some reliable options. Especially many months until the start of a new season, the option of building a new starting quarterback is an optimistic thought. It won’t be easy, but it is an option to consider if Sanders can’t seem to come to a salary agreement. 

Another noticeable roster change is center Jason Kelce. After fans got the show of a lifetime with the Kelce Bowl, marking the first time two brothers have ever played against each other in the Super Bowl, now Jason Kelce has a tough decision to make. Kelce just finished his 12th season in the NFL, and now comes the difficult discussion of retirement. With a remarkable finish to his 12th season, he, unfortunately, didn’t win the Super Bowl, which leaves many Philly fans hoping and praying that this means the loveable center will make an appearance for at least one more year. The decision will be difficult for Kelce, and there is no doubt fans will be patiently waiting for any news on Kelce’s status. 

Kelce is a key component to the Eagles team, having played all 12 of his NFL seasons with the Eagles. Kelce is a six-time Pro Bowler and finished another All-Pro season. The Eagles picked up Cam Jurgens last year in preparation for Kelce’s retirement, and many will question if Jurgens has what it takes to replace Kelce.

With these roster changes in mind, the Eagles must be prepared to watch for potential prospects, with the NFL draft drawing nearer every day. This year the Eagles have two first-round picks and two second-round picks that could be crucial if they lose Sanders and Kelce. There is talk of the Eagles possibly looking to draft running back Bijan Robinson of Texas. This is just talk, and the Eagles seem to surprise us with their draft picks. 

For Philadelphia fans, it is extremely unsettling knowing that the future of the Eagles remains very uncertain now more than ever. Will Kelce retire? Will Sanders still be on the roster next year? Who will the new coordinators be? And most importantly, will there be a possibility of another shot at a Super Bowl ring next season? Only time will tell.