Senior Highlight – Girls Water Polo

TOWAMENCIN – As we approach North Penn Girls Water Polo senior night, we wanted to highlight the seniors themselves that are leading the way for the younger girls who will one day be in their place!

Layla Robey

  • Nickname: Best friend Layyy
  • Years played: 2 years
  • Position(s):
  • Fun fact about yourself: “I can do the splits both legs.”
  • Favorite memory with NPGWP: “Team dinners and breakfasts.”
  • Advice for underclassmen: “Put the work in now so you won’t stress later.”
  • College Plans: “Swim in college and major in biological sciences. Still deciding on a school.”

Charlee Shaw

  • Nickname: 
  • Years played: 2 years JV and 2 years Varsity
  • Position(s): driver
  • Fun fact about yourself: “I’ve been to England and France!”
  • Favorite memory with NPGWP: “My favorite memory is when we won states freshman year.”
  • Advice for underclassmen: “Don’t let a bad practice burden on your ability.”
  • College Plans: “I am looking to go to Shippensburg University to major in Chemistry with a concentration in forensics. Along with swimming Division 2 at Shippensburg.”

Pavithra Senthilmurugan

  • Years played: 1 year
  • Position(s):
  • Fun fact about yourself: “I used to live in Europe.”
  • Favorite memory with NPGWP: “Team dinners.”
  • Advice for underclassmen: “Be confident in yourself.”
  • College Plans: “To major in computer science.”

Olivia Chicchi

  • Nickname: Liv
  • Years played: 5 years
  • Position(s): Utility
  • Fun fact about yourself: 
  • Favorite memory with NPGWP: “Winning states, having dance parties before games, and team dinners.”
  • Advice for underclassmen: “Don’t give up and put the work in because it will pay off.”
  • College Plans: “Go to college for nursing.”

Brenna Mancini

  • Years played: 1 year on JV and 3 years on Varsity
  • Position(s): center defender
  • Fun fact about yourself: “I love to bake.”
  • Favorite memory with NPGWP: “Winning states junior year.”
  • Advice for underclassmen: “Don’t be afraid to ask others for help!”
  • College Plans: “Major in biology and hopefully play water polo in college.”

Anna Evans 

  • Years played: 1 year JV and 3 years Varsity
  • Position(s): Utility
  • Fun fact about yourself: “I’m ambidextrous.”
  • Favorite memory with NPGWP: “Team dance parties.”
  • Advice for underclassmen: “You don’t just get good one day, you have to work for it.”
  • College Plans:

Kayla Stressman

  • Years played: 2 years
  • Position(s): 
  • Fun fact about yourself: “I’m a really picky eater.”
  • Favorite memory with NPGWP: “Winning states in 2021.”
  • Advice for underclassmen: “Always give it your all.”
  • College Plans: “Bloomsburg for lacrosse and undecided.”

Eva Welsh

  • Years played: 2 years JV and 1 year Varsity
  • Position(s):
  • Fun fact about yourself: “I am gluten-free.”
  • Favorite memory with NPGWP: “Winning states last year.”
  • Advice for underclassmen: “Have fun.”
  • College Plans: “Major in public health and swim in college.”